SONOS S2 App Update Problems

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I just found out that SONOS had an app update and I was fine with it hoping to see connection updates or any UI improvements. When I open the app, everything was gone including services, systems, and other features. Why'd they release an app update when everything isn't even working properly? I can't even connect any services, ie. Spotify or SoundCloud. Anyone got any suggestions? Samsung S20 FE btw. I managed to connect to my Symfonisks but only through the Spotify app.





Also, the UI is very laggy and glitchy. SONOS if you see this, bring back the old S2. At least it works.

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Hi Sonos.  So glad to see you have new headphones that most likely won’t work either with the new app.  I see you have been ‘listening’ to the community with ‘fixes’ that are coming in a few weeks.  Forget more bells & whistles. Just make your system work again. . I have speakers that play different music from different sources that we can’t shut off.  Crazy.   

This update is terrible.  I have experienced all of the problems discussed in this thread. So frustrating.  Sonos, if you are listening,  and I don't think you are, figure this out. You have damaged your brand. Fix it !

I mistakenly updated and now none of my older speakers can update - was able to get Sonos 1 back but only three out of eight speakers can connect because everything needs to be updated - so frustrating - was hoping to easily updated and purchased the Port - with plans to updated all speakers to Sonos 2 NONE of them can updated spent HOURS literally ten hours trying to do this - any recommendations on getting speakers to update? 

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So now we have to wait until “mid June” to be able to change wifi settings. This is absolutely disgraceful. I’ve got three totally usefless Sonos devices now, for at least 5 weeks, and that’s assuming that the update is released when they say.

Just like everyone else I’ve had tons of problems with the new app. Honestly I had a ton of problems even before it so the fact that it’s even worse is impressive. I want you to work Sonos, but do you have toddlers writing your software? What’s going on? Infuriating. I don’t have OTHER SPEAKERS. This is my sound system. I have 6 of them. It’s a real shame they are unusable.

well done SONOS….you had a perfectly working thing….then you went and broke it

This update is terrible.  Very hard to switch’s rooms I have 6 amps three at house three at office .  I can’t get to the different rooms.  When I open app it’s starts playing in some one else’s office.  How can you go back to the previous version of the app.

I spent hours on the phone with Sonos after updating my S1 app to S2. I have Gen 1 speakers (1’s and 3).  Got the 1’s to update but now the new app is not recognizing my Play 3 and hours with Sonos reps only indicated they have a mess on their hands.  They have no way to update (non updated Play 3’s) in the app if you DON”T totally update the Play 3 before hand.  I also couldn’t go back to S1 app either (to update it there) because it S2 automatically requires my previously uninstalled S1 to be updated to S2 before proceeding!  The rep basically told me I have to wait for an update

I already updated my three Play 1’s so don’t want to look for original version of S1 app and backtrack.

In addition, the system constantly doesn’t recognize my Sonos system, something it never did before.  I’m often waiting a few minutes for it to recognize my system! 
The music volume often moves on it’s own. 

Sonos seriously fumbled the ball on this…  Their systems are too damn expensive for this mess!

I had all of the above problems with the updated Sonos 2 app. It was badly designed and badly engineered. Following a post above (THANK YOU CHRISJC) I uninstalled the app on my Google Pixel phone and installed version 16.1. Took a few minutes and now all works perfectly 🙏.

I have had Sonos products for 10 years now. I started facing issues with older Play3 products when grouped with the soundbar and sub...I put up with it.  But this app update has just totally changed my opinion on Sonos, I cannot believe they hastily introduced this BAD app simply to commercialise the headphones….For sure I am now looking to sell my Sonos equipment and simply move back to real HiFi that won’t bug the way Sonos has been the point that I can’t listen to music when I want due to the app behavior (except for turnable plugged directly into Sonos Play 5 through jack).

Horrible experience for the recent Sonos S2 update. My connect has since interrupted service and quit randomly. And I didn't find a way to switch back to S1. To Sonos app developers, if you cannot make the updated version work as well as before, just DON'T make this horrible switch. For what purpose? Your customer will leave you if you cannot make simple things work! Please make S1 available to switch back!!!

SUPER BAD update!!!!

But you all know that at Sonos!!!! ROLL BACK to previous version if you want your customers to stay with you ASAP!!!!