Sonos S1 Update

  • 15 May 2024
  • 1 reply

I currently have legacy products, bridge & connect that can only operate on S1. Pandora & Napster are still working, but I cannot add any music services or reauthorize XM. The S1 app is up to date, I think, version 11.14.  If I  do a system update within the S1 controller app I want to be sure it will not upgrade me to the S2 platform. From what I have read on the community these are two separate software versions so I don’t think that should happen but want to be sure so I don’t mess up my old legacy products that are still partially working, but can only run on S1. Any input & confirmation would be appreciated. 

1 reply

I did some more reading on the community & found that as long as you have not downloaded the s2 app or run an incompatible test you can safely do a system update in the S1 controller app and not be upgraded to the S2 platform. So I bravely clicked the system update in S1 and now I have again been able to add music services, successfully added Spotify & playing. Also was able to reauthorize SiriusXM & Napster. XM was not working yesterday, but today it was, go figure.  Pandora & Napster working.  Now I’m crossing my fingers to run a system update at another location where I have 2 legacy connects grouped together & a bridge, don’t want to lose my tunes! & who has the time, energy & money to invest in new replacement equipment. Thanks to all the input in the community for addressing the issues we all are experiencing!!