Sonos One with Alexa won't play specific songs on Spotify

  • 15 July 2023
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Hi there

I've got quite a specific problem on my Sonos One (with Alexa built in). This is linked to my Spotify account so I can play music happily from the Spotify or Sonos apps.

But when I try to play music on the Sonos One by asking Alexa to play a specific song, it always chooses instead to play the "radio" for that song, ie related songs to it, which may or may not include the actual track.

I'm aware this is massively a first world problem, but hey that's what this forum is all about right? ;) 

Anyone have any advice? 

Thanks, Tim


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4 replies

Perhaps include the word ‘song’ or ‘track’ in the Alexa instruction and see if that perhaps sorts it…

"Alexa, play the song/(track), (title of the song)"

edit: You could maybe go onto include the artists name in the instruction too.

Thanks Ken - but no luck: it still insists on the radio rather than the actual song...

Thanks Ken - but no luck: it still insists on the radio rather than the actual song...

Ah well, worth a try. Maybe let Amazon (Alexa Team) know about your experience by using the feedback feature in their App. 

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Hi @timber99 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

As it hasn’t been mentioned yet, I thought I’d better point out that if you don’t have a paid subscription to Spotify, then you will be unable to play specific tracks. With Spotify Free, what you have described is expected behaviour.

If you have a paid account and experience this behaviour, I recommend you contact Spotify regarding your account status, though it may help to remove your Spotify account from Sonos and add it again, so I’d try this first:

Remove a music service account from Sonos

Add a music service to Sonos

I hope this helps.

Edit: It may also help to remove Spotify from Alexa and add it back on again.