Sonos Creating 2 Playlists not in my Music Library

  • 10 September 2021
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When I upgraded to Catalina 10.15.7 (iMac) I had no problems using Sonos everything was fine unlike others or so I thought.

I only noticed recently that the daily music library update was pushing out a message that I had too many Playlists and the update could not complete and I should delete some playlists and re-run the update or words to that effect.

Checking in the Music app I only had approx. 70 playlists which should be ok.

Checking my imported playlists in Sonos I noticed 2 playlists called Home Videos & Music - Home Videos contained all my Videos and Music contained all of my Music tracks around 16,000.


Most likely the Music playlist size is causing the daily library update to send out the delete playlist messages.

I have changed the music library path without success. 

Anybody else had this problem caused when Catalina binned iTunes , I still have a sub folder called iTunes under the Music Folder , but playing with the library paths was unsuccessful. I even moved the Movies to a folder outside Music so I suspect the music library update is not completing as the Home Video playlist is always there.

I contacted support without any success and a recommendation to leave it alone as at least Sonos is playing the Music





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4 replies

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Hi @New England,


Duplicate playlists can be caused by having more than one “ITunes Music Library.xml” file in the share path. Have a look through the folder where Sonos is pulling from and check to see if there are more than one copy of this file. If you find more than one, don’t delete any, but move a copy out of the directory and update your music library again in Sonos, then check to see if the duplicates have disappeared. Bear in mind that the duplicate XML may be hidden inside a subfolder and not in the root of the folder path.

Thanks James - The 2 playlists Music & Home Videos appearing in Imported Playlists are not duplicates they don't exist in my iTunes/Music Library - I thought somehow they must be created during the Sonos Update Music - The Home Videos playlist contains Movies - the Music Playlist all of music in my library.

I checked the iTunes Music Library.xml file I have one in the Music/ITunes path - I also found in Music/ITunes/ITunes Media - a file called iTunes Library.xml


Any thoughts ?



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Hmm, if they’re not duplicates of each other then I’m afraid I’m at a loss. It may be that you have a very old XML file hanging around somewhere that still contains this playlist.

Sonos certainly doesn’t create any playlists when dealing with music libraries, so these playlists have originated from elsewhere. 

I believe that Sonos can read both of those XMLs listed, so try moving one of them out of the directory (again, don’t delete any) and re-index your Sonos Music Library to see what changes.

Following along your suggestion Janes - I copied the iTunes Music Library.xml file to another macOS and imported it into a brand new music library and sure enough the Home Videos & Music playlists appeared. So I have the solution - Music/Itunes was no longer updating the xml file which must have been there since the iTunes to Music conversion. It took me a little longer as I moved the xml file on the Catalina os to a new folder same level as Music but not in the Sonos ManageLibrary path and the playlists were still there. Now they are gone,


Thanks James