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  • 22 October 2022
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Like many other users it seems that when I choose to shuffle my large Amazon Music playlist I get a tiny percentage of tedious that state with numerals, a, or b.  

I've seen responses that say to add your track to individual playlist, and then merge those playlists into one large playlist, but that is a horrible solution. You have to choose each track individually. I have thousands upon thousands of tracks in my library and that would take hours in the process would have to be repeated every time you add more music to your Amazon library.

Is there a real solution forthcoming for this issue? It doesn't seem to be just Amazon music, every provider seems to be prevented from shuffling, the playlist and a reasonable way.

I've yet to see a comment from Sonos that explains how they're going to resolve this issue and when. Is there any help out there?











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1 reply


I’m not entirely sure what the details are with the Sonos Shuffle that you mention, but can’t you simply shuffle the Amazon track playlist in the Amazon App, save and play that instead in the Sonos App, or just play it direct to your speakers from the AM App using ‘Connect’, or ‘Airplay’, or whatever you may have access to?