Rooms somehow grouped together, and now I can't ungroup them

  • 24 January 2023
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There are 4 Sonos devices in my house; two in the living room, one in my office, and one that my partner owns in the bedroom. The two in the lounge are a stereo pair, the others are single speakers.

Somehow the one in the office and the two in the lounge have become connected, and show as “Office + 1” when I play via Spotify Connect. I don't want that- I want to have them separate.

So I opened the Sonos app, and tried navigating to groups to see if I could separate them somehow. However, when I do this, it asks me for the password to my partner’s Sonos account- one I don't have, because she's away on business at the moment.

So, I turned her speaker off and tried again. It now says “Groups is only available for systems with three or more rooms”, so I can't change it.

I don't want to add hers to a group, I just want to ungroup the ones I own. I should be able to do that without needing two passwords. 

What am I doing wrong here? Does anyone know how I can fix this without resetting the entire system?


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Rather than the Groups option in the app (which is for setting pre-defined Group options, thus needing a password) click on the icon to the right of the volume slider.

To ungroup rooms, see the following support article, along with the demo graphic:

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Are all speakers in the house on one Sonos account or are you using two Sonos accounts in your home?

@Mr. T yep that did it, thanks!

@106rallye yes there's two accounts, my partner who has a Sonos from before we met, and me who bought some more recently 

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If it works for you then it’s fine, but is could cause some confusion.

@106rallye yes it’s incredibly confusing. That icon doesn’t exactly scream either “group” or “this can be clicked on”