Recently played section unable to replay SiriusXM stations

  • 6 April 2022
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I can replay Pandora and Apple stations with no issues but SiriusXM stations display “Unable to play the  Radio station” message


Best answer by Dave106 21 May 2022, 21:01

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9 replies

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Hi @LEC00 

Welcome to the Sonos Community! 

Are you able to play SiriusXM stations from the Browse or Search sections of the Sonos app, rather than from the Recently Played section?

If so, Sirius may have changed some of the URLs to their stations and simply playing them from another section of the app should be enough to update the Recently Played entries.

If you are unable to play SiriusXM from anywhere within the Sonos app, I recommend you remove your SiriusXM account from your Sonos system and then add it back on again.

Remove a music service account from Sonos

Add a music service to Sonos

I hope this helps.

Thanks, yes I can play SiriusXM from the Browse and Search sections. What’s strange is that the recently played section displays more than one of the same station. I am able to delete the duplicates but not the original one, which I think is causing the problem.

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Hi @LEC00 

OK - that sounds like the URL has indeed changed.

There are two ways to remove an entry from Recently Played - 1. a long press on the square thumbnail, then Remove from My Sonos, or 2. by tapping the > next to Recently Played, then Edit (top right), then tap on the red circles to remove. Could you please try the second method, if you haven’t already? Thanks.

There’s also a Clear All button at the bottom that might be more effective if the steps above fail.

Alternatively, just play lots of different stations/tracks until the offending item is knocked off the list.

I hope this helps.

I can remove everything but the offending station using the red circles.  I also did a Clear All and played a few different stations to set up a new list. Interestingly, it appears to be only one station on SiriusXM (channel 53) that returns the offending message!

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Hi @LEC00 

Could you please try a reset of the Sonos App? Settings » App Preferences » Reset App » Reset. Exit the app, restart it, and Connect to an Existing System.

If that doesn’t help, please reboot all of your Sonos devices by removing power for roughly 10 seconds. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try that later. One more detail; I use the app on both my iPhone and iPad. Wonder if they’re interfering with each other.

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One more detail; I use the app on both my iPhone and iPad. Wonder if they’re interfering with each other.

Not really - the apps are just remotes. The speakers hold all the details about the accounts and what has been played. I just want to make sure the app isn’t holding onto anything in a weird way. 

In a similar way, I want to make sure the speakers aren’t doing that either.

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@LEC00 , @Corry P

This problem with playing SiriusXM from the ‘Recently Played’ list has been driving me crazy for weeks now. But I finally found a workaround!!

  1. Clear the ‘Recently Played’ list.
  2. Delete all SiriusXM stations out of ‘My Sonos’.
  3. Re-add the desired SiriusXM stations to ‘My Sonos’ again.
  4. Play a SiriusXM station from ‘My Sonos’.

After this, the SiriusXM entries in ‘Recently Played’ will work normally.

I’m guessing the back-end addresses of SiriusXM stations had changed - the Favourites listings in ‘My Sonos’ were smart enough to figure this out, but somehow the programmers didn’t apply this logic to the ‘Recently Played’ list.

I suggest that Sonos app designers go back and ensure that App is smart enough to recognize stale SiriusXM channel addresses, and freshen the data in the Favourites listings, so it correctly propagates to the ‘Recently Played’ list.

Thanks Dave106, that worked!