Recent iTunes Playlists Missing

  • 18 February 2021
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My Most recent Itunes Playlists are missing, not just from Sonos, but from seemingly the back end of my Macbook.


For Example “Xmas Car 2” created this year.


It does not appear in Sonos when I refresh or update the library. However, it also does not appear in “finder” on the laptop. It does appear in the actual Itunes. Along with more playlists more recently created. And the older playlist that do appear in both itunes, sonos and the itunes media folders on the computer.


Where are these playlists and how do i get them into Sonos?


So the issue is not thattI dont know how to update my playlists. Its that this process is not working. And I cant find the new playlist in my computer in order to add a new location for Sonos to find them in.


I hope that makes sense, I realise this is probably a problem with Apple, but there is nothing I can find on their forum about this.


FYI my music is not in a  Cloud, it is on my computer. 





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1 reply

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Hi @RCOOP, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Does sound like this is an issue on Apple's side, but lets see if we can do anything to help :)

Your playlists are stored in a file called “iTunes Music Library.xml", which can sometimes get corrupted - it may be worth forcing iTunes to create a new version of this file. You can do this by;

1. Open your 'My music' folder (Windows XP) or default 'Music' folder(Mac/Vista/Windows 7).
2. Open your 'iTunes' folder.
3. Drag the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' file to your desktop.
4. Open iTunes (It will create a new XML file automatically) 

After doing this, if you update the Music Library from the Sonos app, do you see your more recent playlists available?