Radio Paradise main mix refusing to play

  • 13 May 2020
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Since yesterday, when I try to start the Radio Paradise Main Mix radio station it appears to try (play changes to stop briefly) but then fails.The station is on Sonos Radio, and is one of my favourites.

I looked in more detail today and the other Radio Paradise mixes are working. I removed and re-added the favourite, but that hasn’t helped. If I go to the Radio Paradise website, all the streams are playing fine there.

Any ideas?


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4 replies

Confirmed. It looks like the Sonos Radio playlist for RP Main Mix is broken.

Interestingly that mix appears to be missing from TuneIn too.

You can always add the URL ( to TuneIn’s My Radio Stations manually. You can then add the station to My Sonos and, as it happens, you can if you wish subsequently remove the TuneIn service. The link in My Sonos will keep on working.

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It appears that the RP Main Mix has been withdrawn from TuneIn in the UK because of a complaint from the PRS. The other mixes are still available, probably just by accident. RP themselves are not very confident that this will be resolved soon.

There is also a Radio Paradise service available for SONOS, which is still working perfectly.

Hi, I have just added the main mix URL manually to TuneIn as suggested above and it worked first time - great thank you!


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There is also a Radio Paradise service available for SONOS, which is still working perfectly.


I’d strongly recommend using the Radio Paradise Sonos service. Unlike the direct streams it allows one to pause and skip tracks and it displays album artwork. The only issue I have is that the FLAC quality versions won’t stream reliably (at least on Virgin Media in the UK).

The service is in the Sonos music services lists under Sonos Labs.