• 28 August 2023
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My music library is stored on a Synology DS220+ NAS and I use iTunes on my Windows PC to manage my music and my playlists are created in iTunes.

When accessing the music library in the SONOS app, amongst other links, there is an ‘Imported Playlists’ link that takes me to a list of my playlists that have been created in iTunes.

In amongst my playlists, I can see a link called ‘Downloaded’ and another called ‘Purchased’ and these don’t appear in the iTunes app or on my NAS.

Both links seem to contain my whole music collection but I don't know why they are there, what they are for and also, if they can affect the limitations on the number of tracks SONOS can handle.  My collection is about 35,000 tracks in total.

Can anybody advise why I can see these playlists and also if I can remove them?


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3 replies

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Would love an answer to this question. I'm glad (though still confused) that I'm not the only one with this issue.

These are, if memory serves, automatically created by iTunes, and can not be deleted. But there’s no reason not to try, I just think the next time you open iTunes, it will recreate them, based on Apples’s cloud knowledge. 

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After a bit of searching, I have an answer.

Originally the html library file was automatically shareable. A few years back Apple made you tick a box to make the library shareable, and in doing so they created the "downloaded" folders/playlists aa pat of the library folder.

As a result this isnow in-built into the creation of the library file and you can't delete them.

As iTunes is being discontinued, this isn't something that Apple will sort out. But with the introduction of separate programmes for music and films, then theynmay have re-writen the library file. Guess ls the only way to find out is when we can no longer use iTunes and have to move to the new programmes.