• 26 September 2023
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So I've been an avid Pandora user for decades. 

Now that I've gone 100% Sonos I'm having an issue.

I can't use the Pandora app and cast to my system. I've tried uninstalling Pandora. It's on the same network as Sonos.


I DON'T like using Pandora through Sonos because there's not as much functionality. For example can't see song lyrics or history of what's played in the current session.


I'm using all the latest Sonos products and the S2 app.


Please help🤔




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3 replies

If you have an iPhone/iPad you could use AirPlay.

Unfortunately I'm an Android user. There must be a solution!

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Hi @Ifnotnowthenwhen 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

It is possible to play directly from the Pandora app to your Sonos system. If your Pandora app is not allowing you to do so, I recommend you contact Pandora for help with their app.

I did find the following, which may help:

This card provides steps for starting Direct Control playback and grouping rooms via the Pandora app.

Pandora Direct Control

  1. Tap Cast


  2. Select room.

  3. Cast button should display as active:


Pandora Direct Control Grouping

  1. Tap Cast


     button again.
  2. Tap Edit for grouping options.

I hope this helps.