No Quicktune or Balance control ERA300

  • 29 March 2023
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Just set up a stereo pair, with Sub (Gen2) and there is no Quick tune option nor Balance control for this room.  Trueplay works as expected though


Is quicktune not available for this set up?  I sort of understand the balance option missing but there are still cases where it may be helpful.


Is this deliberate or is there an issue?

5 replies

I've set up a pair of ERA 300 speakers and i'm seen also not an option for balance between left and right.

Also this morning, for no reason, the left ERA 300 stops playing music where je was normally seen in the Sonos app. After unplugging the power the sounds starts to play music again.

I think there are some issues and hopefully, there will be an option for balance soon!

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Does the lack of a balance control when they are used as a stereo pair mean they're not technically acting like a traditional stereo pair?

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They are definitely a stereo pair, and songs with lear elft and right music play as recorded.  I think that because they are spatial audio speakers Sonos assumes balance control is not needed?

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OuickTune is an auto feature when the mics are turned on. Click the link below. Your assumption regarding balance control may be correct.


Sonos may also assume that with QuickTuning and Advanced Tuning the balance will be optimized given the type of speakers they are.

I found this on the Sonos site

"Traditional stereo setups often have an ideal place to sit in a room for the best listening experience, but with Era 300 the sound is sent in all directions so you'll experience rich detail no matter where you’re seated"