No Controls on iOS lock screen

  • 17 March 2023
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Hi Guys,

I have the latest sonos app version (15.1.1) and the latest iOS firmware (16.3.1) and i can’t see the controls sonos app on my lock screen.

The few same issues related on the forum are outdated.

Can you help me please to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,


I have 3 Play:1 and 1 Roam at home.

3 replies

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Hi @Smix 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

First, please ensure the setting to do so is enabled:

  1. Open the Sonos app for iOS.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap App Preferences.
  3. Tap Lock Screen Controls to enable.

There’s more info on our Control Sonos from the iOS lock screen help page.

I hope this helps.

Hi @Corry P and thank you for your quick reply.

I searched the internet (Google, Reddit, SONOS forums...), but apparently, it's a bug that comes from SONOS since one of the last updates of the S2 app. Anyway, that's what I thought I believed.
P.S. the Lock Screen Controls tab is checked in the app preferences. I even unchecked it, restarted iOS and checked again. Nothing to do.
Thank you, I will be patient while waiting for the problem to be definitively resolved by the Software team.



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Hi @Smix 

We are not currently tracking any such issues.

The reports you have read (and the issue you experience) may be related to the following:

Lock Screen Controls do not appear:

  • If the Lock Screen is paused, after 7 minutes it will be relegated to the Control Centre only
  • If Airplay/Bluetooth is being used
  • If Airplay is enabled on any third-party endpoints
  • If another app is playing audio and takes the Lock Screen over (Spotify/Apple Music)

On your iOS device, please also navigate to Settings > Face ID (Touch ID) & Passcode. Ensure that Control Centre is enabled.

That was the short version of the information I found. Here is the longer version:

Please be aware of the following rules built-in to iOS regarding the lock-screen and how apps interact with it: 

  1. A paused audio app should not enable the lock screen or Control Centre until played. If played it will enable lock screen/Control Centre even if paused after (see below on pausing when device is unlocked)
  2. The last man wins, the last playing music app/video app takes control of the lock screen and control centre and interrupts the audio from the previous application
    • Last man wins does not apply to Sonos. Sonos is a second-class citizen and will give way to any audio playing on the device regardless of playing state of the room
  3. Pausing on the lock screen will keep the lock screen active for 7 minutes, then the app is relegated to Control Centre only
    • Sonos will not relegate to Control Centre. Instead, it will be removed from Control Centre to preserve battery life.
  4. Pausing on the lock screen, unlocking the devices and locking will again relegate the app immediately to Control Centre only.
  5. Unlocking devices and pausing in app, then locking the device will again relegate the app immediately to Control Centre only.

And the following additional rules that apply to Sonos:

  1. The last room selected in the Sonos app will be displayed on the lock screen. 
    • To control a different zone on the Lock Screen, another room in the Sonos app needs to be selected and playing audio. 
  2. Sonos will give up lock screen to any app playing music or a video as primary audio app (some apps mix and do interrupt - i.e. Instagram)
  3. Home Theatre rooms will not support play/pause or prev/next track skipping.
  4. Plugging headphones into the iOS device will surrender volume control to iOS and the system.
  5. Connecting other audio routes like AirPlay/BT will disable the lock screen and Control Centre for Sonos.
  6. When disconnected from Sonos for 5 minutes, the Lock Screen and Control Centre will be disabled.
  7. For iOS 9 spilt screen apps, when Sonos is on screen and another application is playing audio, Sonos will give up all volume control and lock screen to the other application.
  8. Disabling "Hardware Volume Controls" in the iOS settings app for Sonos will also disable volume control from the lock screen. 

I hope this helps.