New iPhone, Sonos App. Not Working

  • 10 June 2024
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Bought a new iPhone yesterday and had all of my apps transferred over including the Sonos app. The app. worked fine on my old phone, but now on my new phone, it will not show the home screen where I can control the parameters for my Arc and subwoofer. I have verified that I am logged in, and that the Arc is still plugged in and functional. How do I fix this?

1 reply

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Hi @binfordtools 

Welcome to the Sonos Community! And, apologies for the delay.

Are you still seeing this issue? It may help to force-close the app and re-open it:

How to force quit an app on iPhone, iPad

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the device. If your device has a home button, double press that instead.
  2. This will bring up a carousel of all the open windows on your device.
  3. Swipe the app you want to close. It will disappear from the carousel.
  4. Reopen the app.

On Android, press the button next to your home button that shows open app, then swipe Sonos up and off the screen.

If this does not help, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I hope this helps.