My whole Sonos system is bricked by "error 1,000" (and others)

  • 21 June 2024
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I have no idea what is causing it, but my whole Sonos system (two Era 100s, Sonos arc + Sub Mini) is currently a bunch of bricks. 


I wasn’t a fan of the new app, but I still could listen to music.


Then a few days ago started getting random pauses in the music, some speakers dropping off, music stopping altogether. I tried everything in the settings, with networks, etc.


Out of desperation, I figured I’d do a factory reset on everything and just re-build the system from scratch.


I did that, but now I get “error 1,000” or “error 1,105” or whatever and I can’t register the speakers. They just sit there in the Sonos app as “not registered” and I can’t “fix it” because I just get more errors. I’m located in Canada, btw. I’ve seen things about people using VPNs in the US to get around this, but I don’t have US VPN on my router. This shouldn’t matter, this is a broken product if you need to install a VPN on your router.


Sonos is rapidly going from one of my favorite product company to the source of more anger than I’ve had in years. As a music love who spent thousands of these, I’m really seething with rage right now.

4 replies

I am having the exact same issue here. Just got a new router so I thought I would set them up again. I was stuck on it being the new router issue until I started seeing people like you getting stuck in the exact same situation as me and others. They updated the app 2 days ago for “bug fixes” stating “Improved app connectivity for newly set up Sonos systems.” Yet I am having the same issues still. Did you ever figure out a fix because I will be contacting support tomorrow about the issue. 

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I was able to fix it, and I have no idea how. I tried 47 times to do factory resets and start with different speakers. One time I was able to bring back the Arc and it worked. Then I was able to bring back the Sub-Mini and pair it with the Arc.. then the Eras, and now the whole thing works. It seems random, because I didn’t really do anything different than the other times. 


I’m glad it ended up working again, but the whole experience should never have happened in the first place.

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Ok, after working fine for a week, problems started again. Music randomly stops, or pauses and restarts. 


It works fine if I play through Airplay (showing me that the connection between the speakers and the internet is strong), but if I use the SONOs app, it’s very unreliable.


This is incredibly frustrating. Sonos should focus 100% on reliability and getting their one job done perfectly before even thinking about anything else, or they’ll destroy the reputation that took them years to build.

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New problems. Now sometimes the ARC + Sub-Mini will do a loud popping sound when I’m using the Sonos app, I have no idea why.


They never do when I’m listening to music on Airplay.