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Hi I owns a system composed by a sonos arc and two sonos one SL distributed in different roomas. In all of the i have the same problem. I play music from my Android mobile (Galaxy S23 Ultra). I don´t use steaming services, I have de music as mp3 files into the mobile. The problem is that everytime the mobile goes to sleep continuous reproducing music for a time and then interrup it until I unblock the phone and then reconects automatically.

I have check into the mobile the configuration for the battery / second plane and I have added Sonos App between the apps without suspension but still have the same problem.

Any idea about how to configure the mobile in the right way?


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Hi @AC752, welcome to the Sonos Community.

It’s likely that when the phone is locked, certain features and services are prevented from working to save battery. Many electronic devices go into a low power mode to reduce strain on the CPU when locked or sleeping. Even when adding the Sonos App to the exceptions, locking the phone may still prevent the app from working fully.

If you want to prevent this, then you could change your settings so the screen doesn’t lock, but this will put a large strain on your battery and can cause it to reduce faster.

Another option would be to use a Sonos Roam, use the Bluetooth Line-In, and group your other speakers as Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect when phones are locked.

I hope this helps!

Just as a further explanation, the Sonos app isn’t technically “playing” anything, it’s only telling the app running on the Sonos device to play stuff, and where to get it from. If the device giving Sonos that data goes to “sleep”, the app running on the speakers can’t “play” anything, because it’s no longer there.