iPOD Touch Can't Stream to Sonos Devices.

  • 1 December 2022
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I have an old iPOD Touch, 8 GB, which I have used for streaming Christmas music for years.  Well, it’s that time again….
I updated some music files on the iPOD, but when I tried to cast from the iPOD to one of my three Sonos devices, the cast setting on the iPOD would revert back from the Sonos device to the iPOD setting.

I’m using the latest system, S2, vs: 14.19

The last two years, this has worked just fine, but something has changed.  My iPOD sees the Sonos devices on the network.  I have 2 ea Amps, and one (1) Playbase.

Has anyone else had recent trouble streaming from Apple products to Sonos?



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By “cast” I’m assuming you are using AirPlay. Try rebooting the iPod. Also unplug the three Sonos devices from power for a couple of minutes and reboot your router.


Yes, AirPlay… I guess.  I’m not a real Apple user, so the terms I use may not be 100% accurate.
Thanks, I did restart the iPOD, but now will also reset the Sonos and router devices.


Still not maintaining a WiFi connecting from my iPOD to the Sonos devices.  I rebooted everything, to include the router.  The iPOD will connect to other items on the network (TV, Roku, etc.).  The iPOD software has not changed in years, so this new development has to be with the Sonos system upgrade changes.

Any ideas are appreciated.


More likely the Sonos ability to stay connected to your router. If the Sonos were not unplugged when you rebooted the router, they most likely reconnected to the same ‘dirty’ IP address as they were set to connect to before. 


So, all three of my Sonos devices have dirty addresses assignments.... ?
They all have sticky address assignment, and I'm sure they didn't change with the router and device resets.
I'll use a static address assignment for the PlayBase and see if anything changes with the connection to the iPOD.
Meanwhile, I did some Airplay 101 reading.  The article mentions the basic items needed for AirPlay operation.
iTunes was a topic in the article, and I started poking around the newest version of iTunes and found I could "cast" directly to the Sonos devices from my PC.
Using iTunes is less flexible, but my problem is basically solved, and it works great.  I can control the  music from my phone after starting the connection, and iTunes allows you to select multiple Sonos devices in the network.


I noticed with recent system upgrade from Apple to the iPod in particular, the SONOS Controller 1 app no longer works. It just closes upon opening. I am hopeful that SONOS will update the app. Funny, it is same app as the iPhone and the update to operating system was the same. The iPhone app still works just fine after upgrade.

Does somebody have a workaround?