Font is too small

  • 13 September 2023
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The Sonos app on Windows is ridiculously small on 4k monitors.  There is no ability to size the font or any other interface control size.  Does Sonos plan to invest a little time into the windows controller to make it a more positive experience.

7 replies

The Windows controller? No, that was sidelined, along with the Mac controller many years ago. At this point, changing your default display font is a possible choice.  

Why?  Windows operating system is second behind android and it’s ahead of iOS so why alienate so many loyal customers for such a trivial coding project? Surely there is money to invest in the windows app.


Sorry, I don’t work for Sonos, and am not a Product Manager for them. I’d assume user statistics of their client, not the world at large, suggested it wouldn’t be an issue, but that’s a guess. 

Would love to see those statistics from Sonos.  Hey Sonos Team!….  how many Windows users do you have?  and why are you ignoring them? 

Thanks Bruce


Based on comments here it’s a phone/pad world. Very few of us still treasure the desktop controllers. Again, based on comments here, I suspect that it is mostly iOS controllers. I don’t expect that SONOS will ever release data.

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If you think Windows users see no Sonos love, well come over and sit with us Linux users where even the crickets are silent.


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Try my app for Windows (see profile). You should find the font sizes saner on larger screens.