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  • 9 August 2021
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One of my music files plays in iTunes and in an iTunes playlist to which it was added on my iMac. When Sonos is synced (indexed) to this iTunes library, the file can be found and played under artist within Sonos. However, although the file is included in the imported playlist in Sonos, when it is played within that imported playlist, Sonos indicates the file can not be found. I can not see any difference in this file and any other file among the thousands of other files and 70 other iTunes playlist imported to Sonos. Could there be something in the file that allows it to play as an album in sonos but confuses sonos when played from the imported playlist? The file was purchased/downloaded from Qobuz Store. When I inspected the metadata from the Qobuz file it had a weird file name (wrong artists). Don’t know if this could allow stand alone playback in Sonos but not Playlist playback? Weird. “Qobuz support” maintains nothing is wrong with the file even though the file name is wrong!

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1 reply

The file name is arbitrary. You could use file names that are simple numbers. Metadata inside the files is used to build the index.

If you changed the file name after building the playlist, you’ll need to update the playlist.