Connection issue with iPhone 14 Pro

  • 19 March 2023
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Hi all,


I have a weird problem. I have a new iPhone 14 Pro, and having moved everything over to it, it is unable to connect to the Sonos network over WiFi (2x Sonos:1, 1x Sonos:3, 1x Sonos:One) - it complains saying the devices are not on the same network as the phone. Old iPhone is XS (of which we have 2), both work fine, as does a couple of iPad Pro’s. Both iPhone are running up to date Sonos app and iOS 16.3.1. IPhone settings are identical from what I can see. Private address is off on WiFi and no VPN. 


Our wifi is via Unifi devices, and we do have an IoT network/subnet. MDNS is configured on the Unifi kit, and is working with the other iPhones and iPads. Only difference I can see between all the devices is iPhone XS is WiFi5 and iPhone 14 Pro is WiFi6. However the iPad Pro’s are on WiFi6 and work fine. If I put the phone on the IoT subnet then it all connects fine, so suggests it is a MDNS issue. For now I have disabled all blocking firewall rules between subnets and it makes no difference. I did used to have the Sonos on the main network as it didn't work well across subnets but then moved them over to the IoT subnet after a few updates of Unifi seemed to fix it and its been great ever since. 


Any ideas what might be going on? Let me know of any settings you might want to check. I’ve had issues with subnets in the past, but then it was always all phones/tables would connect or not, never had a split where some work and some dont. Apple HomeKit is also great over the IoT subnet on the new 14 Pro, which used to cause issues in the past if MDNS wasn’t working properly. 


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Hi @Xtopher_UK, welcome to the Sonos Community!

If you’re iPhone XS and iPad Pro’s can connect to your Sonos system without issue, then it definitely leads me to believe the issue lies with the iPhone 14 Pro.

I can see you already have the iPhone and Sonos app up to date, so I’d suggest checking the Sonos app permissions, and these settings are:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then toggle Location Services On
  • Settings > Sonos > Location > While Using the App
  • Settings > Sonos, then toggle Local Network On

If these settings are enabled on your iPhone 14 Pro, then you’ll want to submit a diagnostics from the iPhone 14 Pro and from another controller that is able to connect to the system (either the iPhone XS or iPad Pro). After you submit the diagnostics, reply here with both confirmation numbers and I can have a look into why the iPhone 14 Pro isn’t able to see the system.

I hope this helps!