Connect killed by lightning. I've been running S2, bought a replacement, but it's incompatible with S2?

  • 18 August 2023
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As above.  I have a system that’s been running on S2 well.  A lightning strike killed my Connect controller and I bought a replacement.  But now I’m told that the replacement isn’t compatible, it only works on S1.  By my experience, that’s simply not true.  I’d appreciate some clarification.  Thanks.


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9 replies

There are two generations of Connect, one S1 only, the other S1/S2.   Units manufactured in 2015 or later are S2 compatible. The date of manufacture is the first four digits of the serial number. For example: 1501 would be January of 2015.


thanks for responding so quickly.

  1. Where does that leave me?

June, 2014. Before they switched out the internal components so that it can run S2.


right, but is there anyway I can use this other than downgrading to S1?

right, but is there anyway I can use this other than downgrading to S1?


No, it is S1 only.

In what way? It’s not clear from your original post anything beyond you were running S2 and were hit by lightning.

It is possible(?) that you could reset your old system, erase it all to downgrade it to S1…depending on what devices and what purposes you are trying to use it for. Or, you could just resell the older S1 device, and purchase a newer S2 capable device and install that instead. Or instead replace the CONNECT completely with a Port.

Sorry, @jgatie , I’ll shut up. 


Thanks for your replies.  As you can see, at the start I was ignorant of the difference.  I’m hoping the seller takes pity.



anyone know what that serial indicates?  2019?


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