Apple Magic Mouse Gesture Swiping Frustration

  • 9 June 2023
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I am using the Sonos controller on my iMac M1 chip using Ventura 13.4 software.  When I am scrolling down music on the right of the app using the mouse, the left and right swipe gesture is so sensitive it moves back and forward between windows in the app.

I have turned off the swipe gesture in the Settings for the mouse in system preferences however the Sonos app seems to be overruling this.  It is SO annoying!  Anyone any idea how to turn it off?


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4 replies

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Hi @Richard_109 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

This is puzzling - the Sonos app should not be able to alter the system preferences in this way.

I recommend a reboot of your Mac just in case that sorts things out, but if it does not, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team so the issue can be documented.

I hope this helps.


I think I have been experiencing the same issue as Richard_109 (for 6+ months now). It has been driving me crazy. I keep expecting to see a huge about of complaining about this, but I find only a few posts that describe similar issues, usually in narrow and slightly different terms.

In my case, when I try to scroll down the list on the right column of the MacOS app, the left-swipe function is so sensitive that it almost always jumps back the previous list in that column. This is especially annoying with long lists. Say, I navigate Music Library / Albums. Then, when I try to scroll down the list of albums, it always jumps back the the library listing within one or two scrolls, no matter how carefully I do it.

The only way to fully avoid this is to carefully put the cursor on the far-right-side scroll bar and drag it down. (This is doubly annoying because the scroll bar is dark gray on a black background so very difficult to see.)

I have the same problem on several computers ranging from M1 Max MB Pro (using both the built in track pad and an external magic track pad) running the latest everything, to a 2013 MacBook Pro (running Catalina). The Sonos App is the latest.

I do not see behavior at all like this on any other app.

FWIW, I just verified this problem using the (freshly installed) Sonos S2 controller (v15.7) on a 2013 MacBook Pro (running Ventura). I does not happen with the iOS version of the controller on my iPad.

So, I’d suggest getting in contact with their Technical support team, as suggested in @Corry P ‘s post.