Use iphone App when Desktop is turned off?

  • 30 September 2021
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I am new to Sonos.  My Sonos Connect is attached to my desktop, thus leveraging the desktop app to play.  I want to know if there is a way to play the system from my Sonos iPhone app when the desktop is shut down?  I don’t want turn it on just to run the Sonos system.



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5 replies

Hi. I think the question is why is your Connect connected to your desktop? 

What music sources are you trying to play? 

The only reason you would need to have a desktop powered on would be if the music files are stored on it. Naturally,in that situation the desktop has to be powered on.

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You have full access to everything on the Sonos app on your iPhone even with the desktop computer turned off. The only thing that would be missing is access to your personal music library stored on the desktop computer (if you set up your music library in the Sonos app).


Makes sense.  the music files are on itunes, so they are on my desktop and iPhone 11. Now you are inspiring me to ask another question.


So, how do I get all the music on my iPhone 11 to play on my Sonos speakers?  Don’t always feel like running in to turn on desktop.

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Use AirPlay to stream the music from your iPhone to your Sonos speakers:


Holy Cow! It works.  Thank you, kindly John B and GuitarSuperstar