Support Spotify Connect to allow users to use the Spotify app as the controller.

  • 3 September 2013
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Spotify Connect was just announced and I was surprised that I didn't see Sonos in the list of companies that would provide support. Many Spotify users have been asking for a long time to be able to use the Spotify app as the controller for selecting songs, as it provides a superior experience (you still can't even see the Top 5 songs in the Spotify view within the Sonos app, and it is difficult to look through an artist's collection to find a specific song unless you know which album it was in). Please support spotify connect. Additional details on Spotify Connect are here: If you look at the post on theverge, even the first comment was one asking for Sonos support for the feature.

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366 replies

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this is the game changer right here:
I was really speachless when I first saw the abilities of sonos, the nice design, the great sound. Now the support is missing, I can't see my saved Albums, I can't play my playlist radio and the latest releases are Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. This is really frustrating. The sonos system is designed to easily extend but I will not wait much longer before selling my system and switching to a more spotify-friendly system. 
At first I was surprised of the features of sonos and the lovely easy install. That brings me to sonos at the past. Nowadays it seems that they refuse to jump on new releases of other products. I'm waiting so long for the spotify radio function integrated in sonos. And now they don't want to integrated the spotify connect? Can't understand.

 Makes me feel that I didn't make the right choice in the beginning. 

Seriously if LG, Pioneer, Marantz, Teufel, B&O, Sony, Yamaha, Philips, Panasonic, Denon + many others can why sonos can't?

I doubt going for some Libratone or bleusound.... problem solved
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I've now purchased a Panasonic Allplay ALLC1 that I'm going to connect to the optical input of my playbar along with an optical switch to change between TV input and the Allplay input. This will give me Spotify Connect as a digital input so no loss of quality. Shame I have to resort to such expensive and clunky workarounds because Sonos can't get their act together on this one. It's also forcing me to explore other manufacture devices and potentially ditching all my sonos kit one day which is surely not what they want. Many of my friends use both sonos and Spotify and have the same frustrations . I'd have preferred a Denon Heos Link but got the panasonic with a hefty discount. I'll let you know how it goes once it's up and running.
Echoing Limme, two posts up: "Makes me feel that I didn't make the right choice in the beginning". 
Love my Sonos (Amp and Play 5), but start having some regrets because of the poor Spotify support. If not being tied in, I'd most likely opt for a Heos Amp instead of my Connect Amp. Seriously, I've been recommending Sonos to family members and friends, but stopped doing so because of this Spotify thing. Sonos must realise that Spotify is considerable factor in the equation and not 'just some service'. Get your act together Sonos, customers may not be so loyal as you might think.
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Following on from my post above, here is my latest attempt to bring a better Spotify experience within Sonos.  see link to sonos forums
Welp. Spotify Connect email blast today and Sonos is nowhere to be found. I'm not interested in assigning blame, as I'm sure there's some fault to be found on both sides and we mere consumers will never know the details of the business negotiations. Yet for me, Sonos will be the loser. It's a lot easier for me to replace audio hardware, even at $$$ cost, than to move all the playlists I have to another platform. Spotify wins, even if they don't deserve it. Adios, Sonos. Maybe somebody'll buy my Play 5 and Bridge on Craigslist.
The German IT Site Heise wrote today that spotify connect will be supported soon:
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I just saw the news too. I bought my Sonos just a few weeks ago and would be bummed if you do not add the support. Please make it happen!
i recently switched from spotify to Google play specifically because they integrate with sonos.... i LOVE spotify and want to come back , but this is a super convenient feature that I've become dependent on.
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The German IT Site Heise wrote today that spotify connect will be supported soon:

But totally lacking in detail or supporting evidence !
The German IT Site Heise wrote today that spotify connect will be supported soon:

That's why I have kindly asked them for the source behind this information. No answer until now.
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The German IT Site Heise wrote today that spotify connect will be supported soon:

OK!  Let us know if they reply.  I wish it were true but I think it must just be a misunderstanding somewhere in the research.
So I'm one more disappointed Sonos user now looking elsewhere.  I have been waiting for Sonos to move with the times and allow us to use Spotify connect to play through our Sonos speakers but it looks like it is unlikely to ever happen.

Just this week I've advised my family setting up the new holiday house to go for a different speaker system as although Sonos has good speakers, it's not keeping up with technology.

This will be Sonos' demise - the flexibility of all other wifi speaker systems will overtake the once great leader in the field.
Hi folks, There's not much to say at the moment but we'd like everyone to understand where we're coming regarding the announcement from Spotify. Sonos is a platform for music lovers and we want Sonos customers to enjoy all the music on earth from whatever source they choose. We have an excellent partnership with Spotify which is, and will continue to be, an important part of many of our customers music listening experience on Sonos. Thanks for your continued support.
COME ON Sonos!  Your community has been crying out for this for over a year now!  Surely you can at least respect us with a response to the repeated requests!
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An extended family member came round last weekend and he was really impressed with my Sonos kit and was keen to buy some himself.  He is also a Spotify subscriber and, having talked to him about how he used Spotify (primarily radio and for music discovery rather than just playlists and searching for specific (known) artist/song/album), we agreed that Sonos was not for him due to its Spotify limitations.  He'll probably get some Denon kit now or something else from

Yes, I know this is due to Spotify's API but making Sonos speakers available as Spotify Connect devices is down to Sonos and would open up all Spotify functionality to Sonos.  If there is a technical reason why this cant be done Sonos should come clean about it.  However, the comments from the CEO and the vast number of other devices that can support it suggest this is not the case.
Please add another vote for using Spotify Connect rather than the Sonos app... Using a bloated Spotify playlist on the Sonos app is horrendously clunky and seriously frustrating. It's just bad!
i cannot understand Why sonos does ont support the Spotify Connect functionnality. It is very frustrating, and i plan to change my existing sonos devices to Something compliant 😞
The German IT Site Heise wrote today that spotify connect will be supported soon:

any news concerning the source of heise? would be really interested!
I've been following this post and have just set-up Spotify Connect with my Sonos System. If you want to see how go to
My sonos is on sale to, just buying a new sound set with spotify connect. I can't understand why they do not integrate spotify connect. i own a shop to and since then sonos is banned out of the store. lots of people is complaining about this.
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Sony new CES announcment for new devices to support both Spotify Connect and Google Cast for Audio.  Their "Sony SongPal" technology will provide multi-room control.  Come on Sonos - time to rethink this decision.
Sonos is strong because of the integration of music services. Using Sonos with the Spotify service however is a pain. I end up with way too many playlists because only that way I can add music I discovered via the Spotify app. A back and forth between the Spotify and Sonos apps. 

I own multiple Sonos speakers and have the need to expand ever since we moved into our new and larger home. I'm going to have to balance this significant disadvantage with choosing other systems like Sony's. 

You're going to lose me as a customer if you don't integrate this soon. 

Thank you for considering. 
This is a deal breaker for me expanding my sonos system; looking at things like the Pure Jengo to replace them instead.
This is a deal breaker for me expanding my sonos system
I'm pretty sure the Pure Jongo (there is no 'Jengo') was discontinued.  Better get them fast! ;-)

Pure Jongo T4 Wireless Speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

It also never supported Spotify Connect. 😉
Sonos you have to do somethign about this asap. I dont care how you do it just fuckin do it. Im a student and I can code a command software better than this shit u make us use. I mean comon.
Some friends have been thinking about getting the SonosSystem but I told them dont becasue of the simple fact that we are not able to use spotify connect or whatever other software to make it possible to play through the beutiful spotify UI. Its a big shame - from a big companie as Sonos? Shame on you for real.
Me myself have waited for an uptade from you, Sonos, for years now but you never listen to ur customers whatsoever. I will throw this crapsystem away and start support another musicSystem that actually take their customers before anything else.
I used Sonos becasue of Spotify. But you never let me use Spotify the proper way. Fuckin ironic. And yea, have fun with my cash, you expensive piece of shit.
Do something about this or u will lose a ton of ur customers and wont get any new.
Im done with companies like Sonos.