still no plans for an appleOS widget?

  • 16 September 2022
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It’s 2022. It would be just an excellent experience to have a widget to add to support toggling volumes without needing to open the app. While I know there’s third party solutions I trust Sonos with both support and privacy. With Apple’s OS fully unified from mac to iPhone, it would be just a cherry on top for the Sonos ecosystem and help my older family easily interact with the speakers. 

6 replies

Sonos doesn’t discuss their ‘plans’ in advance of release. I’m sure you’ll be getting the obligatory ‘thanks for the suggestion, we’ll pass it along’ post from a Sonos moderator, but you won’t see anything until/if such a thing is done. 

For what it is worth (nothing whatsoever, I fear), I would love such a thing myself. But, I’m not holding my breath, either. 

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Hi @klr 

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Thank you - I've marked this thread as a feature request and it will be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Keep the ideas coming!

It’s 2022. 


Where’s my flying car!

The widget on android isn't that good anyway. It's constantly blank (just saying sonos) until you press it at which point it goes off to refresh its connections and works OK..  launching from the app always works better and plays the tracks.. the widget,  not so much. 

The fact that there is no widget going on 2+ years is hugely disappointing. For a premium product my user experience is significantly impaired by not being able to control basic functions like volume control and pause from the Lock Screen. How hard could it be to get this done? 

Also the fact there’s not a widget - when as stated the lock screen controls on IOS for Sonos are hit and miss to say the best and are limited to making sure you don’t have any other devices to interfere (Ie Nest Hub etc…) 

I can’t be that hard to make a widget.