Sonos no longer recognizing folder.jpg for cover art?

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After the most recent upgrade to Sonos 13.4 (S2), I don’t see much cover art in the Sonos controller. More precisely, it seems that I see cover art if it is embedded into the MP3 file, but not if the cover art in a separate file called folder.jpg. In my collection, most albums have a folder.jpg, and only a minority of albums have embedded cover art. There are two reasons for this:

  • Albums that originally had on CD, cassette or vinyl.
  • For several years, Sonos was not able to display cover art that was embedded into the MP3 files that I bought, so I had to extract them to folder.jpg and remove them from the MP3 file.

Is any one else seeing this? Or is this just some accident on my system?


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There is another thread here where I have the same issues and I referenced this thread.  Does anyone have any updates on this long standing bug for users that use a NAS and have a local music library?

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