SONOS are you reading this? Please put the controller queue function back how it was!

  • 12 September 2016
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I've downloaded version 6.4 of the app. What a mistake. To anyone who is about to do it, DON'T DO IT IF YOU LIKE YOUR QUEUE.

Sonos please put it back how it was. This new app is so awful I am considering selling my entire Sonos rig (6 pieces!) and walking away from you, after what was until this week, many happy years.

Touching on a track because I want to play it, or add it to the queue (the queue that I DID WANT), does not mean I want to delete the whole queue and replace it with the entire album (which I DON'T WANT) which the newly added track comes from.

If I wanted to delete my queue, I would delete it. If I wanted to add the whole album, I would add it using the play all function.

You've just taken something intuitive and user friendly which worked so well and turned it into a worse than hateful mess.


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353 replies

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This queue clearing issue is beyond frustrating. Once again I had a my queue cleared of 100+ songs because someone clicked on a wrong button. A typical situation at one of my parties is this: The controller is passed around by a bunch of people who then add songs to the end of the queue. Without fail someone does not hear the instructions to not click on the song directly, and then BLAM, queue is gone and I've lost a great curated list of new songs that I had wanted to save. It is not feasible to save the queue before every play or to educate everyone on the destructive nature of an operation that SHOULD NOT BE DESTRUCTIVE. I've been with Sonos wrong it's inception and have consistently been impressed with the design of both the hardware and software. This issue, however is really beginning to piss me off. This is obviously a major issue for many people and to have it not addressed feels like an insult, especially for those of us that have supported Sonos for over a decade and spend thousands of dollars on it's products. I implore the developers and powers that be at Sonos to please FIX this issue.

Hopefully with the new 8.0 app they will be able to build in the flexibility to have this as an option - old style queuing method or the new 'destructive' version.