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Good Day All, just got my first Sonos Play 5 and I'm loving it!! now to the question, will the Sonos app be available for android tv?? I have a Sony Bravia XBR65930E. Thanks for the help.

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There is no indication from Sonos that they are working on anything like that. However, they rarely tell us in advance what they’re working on, so no one really knows.
I do not understand, that it is so difficult for Sonos to make an app for Android tv.
It is growing very fast in popularity.
Also for Apple tv 4 there is now Suono.
So why not for Android tv ?
Again, here in the Netherlands, android tv is growing very fast.
So please Sonos , i like your products , but put a little work in it , for android tv users !
There is no Sonos app for Apple TV that I’m aware of. Would be nice if there was one, though.

As I said, we don’t know if or if not Sonos is developing one.
Yes there is.
Look at this link :

It is third party i believe, but it works fine, i've tested it.
Right. Third party, not Sonos developed. You’re on a Sonos forum, making a request for Sonos to creat a controller for you, and you said that they had for Apple TV. They haven’t. A third party has. Completely different situation.
Another hint , if you have no apple tv .
You can use open source software.
It is a dutch page, you have to look for : "download, dit script"
And voila , you can use AirConnect to stream Sonos to an airplay compatible product without a Apple tv.
I forgot the link :
Yes airgetlam , you are right.
It is third party.
And if i may say ?
A shame that for such a expensive product as Sonos, they were not the first.
I can sideload the Sonos app, problem is... that i cant rotate the screen
ok. so i got it working for those that are interested!!

install side load launcher on the android tv
install es file explorer and set up network within file ES file explorer if using windows or ftp if using a mac
download the sonos apk and place it on your desktop
now login to ES file explorer and locate the Sonos apk wherever you placed it! i placed it on my desktop
install Sonos APK to ANDROID TV
Install tv app repo to your tv by side loading or by logging in to Google Playstore on a pc and install to tv, once tv app repo is installed open it and locate the SONOS apk then click shortcut. a SONOS shortcut will be placed on the main tv screen.
FYI- After installing the SONOS App it will be installed inside the side load launcher folder
you can also put it on to a usb stick and use a apk installer.
To start it you have to use sideload launcher android tv.
But ok , it starts up on my Philips android tv , but after opening it, i can do nothing ?
My remote does not respond on it ?
I use version 8.3.1

Which version do you use ?
I'm using the latest version 8.4 i think. The remote does not work for me also i use a logitech K830 keyboard for everything with the exception of watching tv
I now use a wireless mouse on my Philips android tv.
And it is working fine with the Sonos app.
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Hi, all. Thanks for your suggestion and interest. No plans at this time, though if anything changes, we'll be sure to let you know. Many thanks.
How complicated would it be for sonos to map the app to work with an android tv?? It already works with android phones and tablets!
Not having access to the codebase, I'd only hazard a guess that it isn't easy, otherwise it would be likely that they would have already done it.
The app install easily in landscape mode with sideloader, unlike other apps that install in portrait mode and you cant rotate. Only thing that does not work is the original remote, i suspect that its mapped for touch screen devices. Funny thing is that all of the keyboard keys such as the volume, mute home ect work just fine