Show composer info in track lists and song info screen

  • 17 June 2024
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A thread here, “Show the Composer tag on the Now Playing screen,” started 11 years ago and was closed 4 years ago. Scores of users pleaded for composer information, essential for classical music and other genres, but Sonos didn’t add Composer to the Now Playing screen and afaik didn’t respond.

I’m making the same request but for related Sonos controller screens: track lists (like album listings or Queue) and Song Info. For example, here’s a screenshot of the Song Info for a track on a classical compilation album. The composer, Stravinsky, isn’t shown anywhere in Sonos but the information is stored in the library: if I go to Composers and choose Stravinsky this album and track are listed.

The only way I’m currently able to identify composers on compilation albums in Sonos is to go back to iTunes or dig out the CDs I have boxed in a closet. The need to do either is absurd.

If someone at Sonos reads this, please pass it along to the development team. It is not a niche issue!

2 replies

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Afraid you will have to wait another 11 years. Development is busy with more general issues  now: providing a functional app which does simply play music.


Sonso doesn’t give a F about classical listeners.  Not a rat’s ass. They’ve basically told us to take our Allegros and shove them up our scherzandos. The data is there. Sonos just hasn’t dealt with integrating it.

What it looks like in Sonos (zero composer/composition information)

What it looks like in QOBUZ - where they provide composer/composition information