S2 App “quits unexpectedly” on start up

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the S2 app, rebooting my MacBook Pro and the router and NOTHING WORKS!! I keep getting the same error message that sonos quit unexpectedly. Sonos has been working with occasional crashes but now, I can’t even open the app. Please help!

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Full disclosure: I’m not a Mac user.

Does a Phone or Pad SONOS controller work?

Which Mac OS is in use? Which MacBook Pro?


Same problem. Sonos controller worked fine. Got message from Sonos that I should update for better experience. Now after repeated downloads, can’t get the app to open on MacBook Pro 13- inch, early 2011 operating OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6. I’ve been fine since 2017, even though every updated resulted in having to delete the app and reinstall. Just got to be routine, but it looks like I’m at the end of the road now that the new update results in a “quits unexpectedly” message. Would appreciate any advice.    

Here are the controller requirements.

Edit: Corrected the link (stupid iPad copied the wrong URL)

When you say here, where?

Buzz, I’m trying to get my Sonos Connect to work again, but due to the download of the app quitting unexpectedly, I can’t even get it to open. Hope this helps. Also, the Sonos connect still works from my IPhone, just not the MacBook Pro described above. 

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When you say here, where?

@buzz was trying to direct you here.

Not all browsers show the ‘underline’ frequently used to denote links, but if you click on the word ‘here’ in either @buzz or @beynym ’s posts, you should be taken to the appropriate FAQ. 

Thanks Buzz. There’s my answer. I was lured into upgrading my Sonos Connect and now I have to buy a new MacBook because my version is a 10.11.6. If I had just ignored the upgrade it would still be working fine. Lesson learned, always check the requirements before accepting an upgrade that will enhance your experience. This one certainly didn’t. 

Is there anyway to download an older version?

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No, and even then, if your system’s already updates is would not work right.

I only have the Connect. So no other systems to deal with. It lets me connect the MacBook to my stereo that is hard wired throughout the house. The MacBook is where all of my music is stored. Now all I can do is plug my Ipod into the Connect, which is quite ridiculous as I can do that without the Connect.
I’m on hold right now with the support desk and……….no luck, they told me they can’t email me a link with a previous version of the app. I have to buy a new computer in order to play iTunes wirelessly through my Sonos Connect. 

You indicate you have an iPod, which version of ios is it running? Do you not have a phone that you could be using that’s more up to date than your ancient computer?

iPad 16.5

iPhone 16.1.1

ancient computer has 7120 songs

is there a way to get them all on my iPad or iPhone? 


You don’t need them to be moved, you just need to install a controller on your newer devices. The Mac can still be the repository for the data. 

In fact, I’d encourage you not to move them. ;)