Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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Pandora decided to stop working today. It finally said it needed to be “reauthorized”. I hit the button and brought me to a page that asks for an activation code. But I don’t have an activation code… when I hit “forgot code” or “where to find code”, I get this... 


I forgot my code

If you have forgotten your code, you can retrieve it from the product you are trying to set up. Simply select the Pandora option on your product, and it will give you a code to use on this page.


But no matter where I look on the Sonos app, I don’t see an activation code.  When I hit the authorize button it pulls me through a screen or two within the app but no code found there.  

I also tried to remove the service and re add. And have the same issue… I know this was much easier when I did it forever ago...


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Pandora no longer works…. Can’t see favorite stations, etc. Tried to reauth the account, and i get “check your network connection - there was a problem getting started”… etc etc. 

But Spotify still works perfectly. Have tried to reath on both mobile and Windows client, wired and wifi as well. 

I can login Pandora directly and play music from a web browser.. so seems like the connection between Pandora and Sonos is down?

Anyone experience this suddenly?

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I should add that i swapped a Port for an older connect the other day, but it’s been working fine (and setup the exact same way)


Yep, same problem here. Was listing just a little while ago and now it gives me the same error you got. And I also can connect to Pandora fine in a web browser. Google music works fine, haven’t tried any other services.

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Same problem here.  Was listening to Pandora and it stopped playing abruptly.  I get a network error when attempting to reauthorize Pandora on my Sonos devices.  Playing Pandora from my phone or web browser works just fine.  Pandora status shows green on the Sonos Status page, but that’s clearly not the case.

ALL my other connected services are working, but once again, not Pandora. Seems to be happening more frequently in the past few months. 

I have the same issue. Only Pandora is not working. Spotify, SiriusXM work fine. Trying to reauthorize Pandora on the SONOS app gives “check your network connection - there was a problem getting started”. Pandora plays fine through the Pandora app on the same phone, and on a laptop.


I, also get an error message of “Unable to Start Service”.  This is only regarding Pandora.  Spotify, etc., all working.

Same problem here was working then stopped and can no longer browse any pandora stations or deauthorize account 

This link shows Pandora down:


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This link shows Pandora down:


THAT is a handy link. thanks!

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Working again...

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I am trying to re setup my sonos system and am unable to setup pandora.  It is asking for an activation code, but the code is not shown in the PC or mobile app when trying to setup pandora.  Where do I get the code?

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Same here. I removed Pandora since it was having issues connecting and playing normally. Now this garbage is happening. I can’t find a code to activate Pandora. 

I am trying to re setup my sonos system and am unable to setup pandora.  It is asking for an activation code, but the code is not shown in the PC or mobile app when trying to setup pandora.  Where do I get the code?

I have the same problem. Mine was set up but stopped working. I uninstalled the app and when I reinstalled it, it asked for an activation code. I can still tell Alexa to play Pandora on the Sonos speaker but I can’t do it from my phone. 

Same here.  Had to remove pandora.  Cannot install.  Requesting activation code but can not obtain one.  What a mess. 

Same exact issue as above.


lost Pandora. Deleted App. Started over by re downloading Sonos App to IPhone to play Pandora. Sonos asking for Pandora code. There is no code.


Tried unsuccessfully about 10 times.


Help please!





Jeez if anyone finds an answer to this please post it.  So frustrating.  Glad to come on here and see that it is not just me having issues.

I am trying to add Pandora to Sonos and it keeps pointing me to a page where I am supposed to enter an activation code which does not exist. Sonos does not provide any such activation code.

Same here, hopefully an answer will be coming from somewhere.

I’m unable to play Pandora from my Sonos trying using either my iPhone or computer.

Keeps asking for reauthorization, but neither device displays an authcode I can input.  I can log in and play Pandora fine other places including the devices I use to control Sonos.

Same here, where is this activation code??

Same issue. I have been trying to deal with this for a couple of hours now.  It’s very frustrating.  Can someone please help!?!?

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Ooooppss. I just posted this question again. Sorry guys.  Must have been an update issue on sonos or pandora end. Might take em a few to fix it...

Suspiciously the Pandora app updated on my husband’s and my phone yesterday.  Pandora stopped playing this afternoon on our Sonos.

same issue here! we have tried from mobile and pc for both sonos and pandora apps. nada