Playing Audible files from iTunes to Sonos.

Hi All. I'm trying to play my audible audiobooks on my Sonos system. I've registered them within the Mac controller and that has been accepted. Unfortunately I cannot find them in the controller. The books are held within iTunes in the iBooks section. I feel this might be the problem. Can you offer any advice?

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That's crazy... We have these expensive speakers & I can't play what I want on them... That's a bummer... I luv Sonos, but it sure would be nice to be able to play anything we play on our iPhones like AirPlay onto the Sonos speakers... Thanks for replying!!
Actually look like u can maybe do AirPlay with appleTV or airport express, I'm gonna CK that out!! Thanks again!
Oops I meant to send the link to article... Hope that helps someone :-)
Has Sonos released any more info about this? I just paid $30 for Bruce Springsteen's audiobook and am bummed! Thanks all. :?
Not that I've seen. Many of us are expecting it to be rolled in with the Echo support, since both the Echo and Audible are from Amazon, but that's speculation. Sonos has not made any announcement one way or the other since earlier this year when someone said "this summer"
Any joy

I’m trying to play audiobooks from iTunes Store, from phone


This needs to be added !!