How to Use SONOS as WIRELESS Mac Computer Speakers

  • 15 September 2022
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Here's a solution I recently tested and discovered to be effective! I've mentioned it as a *idea* since I believe SONOS might provide a similar solution, unless (of course) licencing constraints prevent them from doing so without Apple's approval. (I'm not sure... just speculating here.)

On your Mac, this software solution instals a "airplay" driver that points to one of your Sonos units. Once installed, you may utilise it in three simple steps.

Step 1) Launch a terminal (command prompt) and enter airsonos. This activates the driver.
Do not end the session. It is acceptable to minimise the window.

Step 2) Select the Sonos as the sound output in the Mac's "System Preferences...", "Sound" menu. Now, play some music on your Mac and increase the volume such that the sound emanates from your Sonos" rather than your Mac. There are no wires. There is no fuss.

Step 3) Smile from ear to ear as any and all Mac sound wirelessly streams to your Sonos!

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1 reply

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Hi @chaudhary 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for your post - it’s an interesting solution. After being puzzled for a while, I realised that Airsonos is in fact available on GitHub. Your post made much more sense to me then 😁

Worth mentioning is that it makes non-AirPlay equipped Sonos devices available for AirPlay reception. In fact, it pre-dates our support of AirPlay!

The age of the app means that AirPlay v1 is used, which is not supported by Sonos but seems to work through the normal methods. I think people might be interested to hear if you have any issues after there’s been no audio for an extended period - do you have to refresh the connection to get audio again?

And while I’m not in any way aware of the finer details of our license with Apple, I think I’m safe in assuming that providing such a function ourselves would not be permissible.

Great post though - thanks for sharing!