How do I share multiple iTunes Libraries on Sonos

  • 8 March 2014
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my wife wants to be able to access her own iTunes library via our Sonos system. Her music is not currently on my iMac with mine, but we want to keep her library separate. Any ideas?

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4 replies

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Hi there Steven,

The Music Library section of Sonos operates based on shared music folders on your computer. It sounds like you've already shared your music folder so you can access your library. If other folders are added to Sonos, the tracks contained within will be added to the existing listings, so you'll see all available tracks under Music Library. You can browse the shares separately using the Folders section under Music Library, but otherwise they'll be combined.

If your wife has her music library on an iOS or Android device, you can stream to Sonos directly from that as well, if desired.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help out.

Hi, just wondering if there has been any software update to file multiple iTunes libraries under separate headings??  Neither my wife or I like sorting through a combined library to find the music we want to play - this would be a great improvement to Sonos
My wife and I would also like the ability to index two different iTunes libraries within Sonos Controller, and be able to access either one, without seeing duplicates from the other.  It seems that Sonos could add a hierarchy level in the controller, such as:  "Select a Music Source">"Music Library"> "CHOOSE WHICH ITUNES LIBRARY>Then choose, Artist, Albums, Composer, Genres, Tracks, Imported Playlists, Folders.  This extra hierarchy level would be very intuitive to use, and enable multiple libraries to be indexed and used.
So Ryan, how exactly do you "add other folders" to your Sonos Music Library?