How do I play audio from my iMac through Sonos?

  • 30 November 2013
  • 53 replies

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53 replies

I'm also bemused. With 28 players this must surely be a (mostly) happy Sonos customer. It just seems there's a gulf between how he thinks the system works and how it actually does so.

I don't think he has 28 players. I'm pretty sure he was testing out the Play:5 and the "28 players" was either his plans for the future, or yet another "I would have bought $10,000.00 of Sonos stuff it it only did this! Sonos is losing my money!" posts.
just need an option to put in ANY web address or link to play on sonos that's all not a lot to ask considering you've had 5k out of me! come on this is 2017 not 2007 ?This is not what Sonos is designed for. The cost is irrelevant. The date is irrelevant. As has been said a thousand times on here, Sonos is a multiroom, multisource, multi-controller hifi system, not a computer speaker. Your complaint is like someone complaining that his new Ferrari isn't worth the money because it is useless off-road.
Thank you so much danec69! Easy and worked for me straight away! I wonder why Sonos and other Mac users more widely know this? Brilliant!
A shame about the guy who wanted/had a whole Sonos speaker system and decided to take them back, when he could have done this. Sonos really ought to state this clearly or they'll be losing a lot of potential customers :-(

If directly saved to your Apple MacBook i.e not cloud or streaming
1. Download/ Open Sonos app.
2. Select Preferences from Sonos drop down
3. Music Library option
4. On Folder option hit + sign
5. 3 options will appear to select where your music is stored. "in my music folder" suits most needs but you can select networked drive if you want to get technical
6. on the next screen you will be asked to enter your MacBook System Administrator password.
7. Once complete "Music library" will appear in Sonos user interface.