How change from wired to wireless with only a single Play1?

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All my Sonos devices but a Play1 are in storage since we are moving.

I initially connected the Play1 wireless at the airbnb we were at to the wireless network just fine, but it was intermittent due to a weak signal so tried to connect to the other available network but could not.

I got a wireless extender for a stronger signal, but I am still unable to move it to another primary wireless network or to an extended wireless network, or even to the original wireless network.

I can run fine only if I plug the Play1 into the enet port on the wireless extender.

If I use Sonos2 to ‘Manage Networks/Update Networks’ and say YES when asked to add a trusted network, then hit ‘Find System’ I am prompted again to make sure all products are powered on and to ‘Find System’ again, but nothing is ever found.

Is there any other way to change the old wireless network to a new wireless network? Even if I set the S2 app to the old wireless network it no longer works. Since I only have the one Play1 at present, I would prefer to not factory reset the Play1 and lose all my data. Seems if I’m working hardwired, there should be some means to change the wireless settings! Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave

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I just installed the latest Android V2 app, have a cable but no physical access to the WAP/router, no VPN, AV, firewall on my phone. And have seen dialogs with the speaker and another Sonos system show up once but now neither show though the speaker is working fine w/ my app.

Think I will take ratty’s advice and get a travel router. Then I can reset once and hopefully be done w/ this. Thx for your help!