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  • 5 January 2022
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I use the ambient music app Endel, but can only play it on my phone or over Bluetooth to my guitar amp. Would be great if there was an integration available for this service. 

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15 replies

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Contact the developers of that and send them to developer.sonos.com so they can integrate their service into the Sonos system.

hi @Sunwukung I have noticed that Endel also streams via different supported platforms like Spotify (see this link) - maybe this can temporarily help you


Hey! Thank you for bringing this up, Sunwukung!

Endel is available via Alexa on Sonos: ‘Alexa, start Endel’ is the key phrase. Let us know if this works with you 🙏

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@Endel Sound is it possible to do the same via Google Assistant over Sonos?

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@Endel Sound I’ve switched to Alexa, works a treat - thankyou :)

@Endel Sound  The issue I have with using Endel through Alexa is that in rooms where my Alexa device has a screen (Echo Show) I have not found a way for the Endel sound to be played on the Sonos device in that room, the sound can only come from the Echo device, with much less desirable sound quality. Other music services don’t have that issue and play on the Sonos device when commanded from the Echo Show device,

This is not an issue with a screen less echo device (e.g. Dot). 

Hello, I’d also love a dedicated Endel app for Sonos as it would really make my workflow a lot easier to manage. Not all of my Sonos speakers have a microphone and apparently a connected Alexa device cannot play Endel on these devices (e.g. the Play:1) so for these devices it just cannot be used, and if it can, it’s at a much higher inconconvience than just having the app integrated into the Sonos library.

Sonos has a free API that any service can use to put themselves on Sonos. You need to encourage Endel  to do this. 


@Endel Sound is it possible to do the same via Google Assistant over Sonos?

Couldn’t agree more. Integrating Endel via google assistant would be great. I can’t stream my Endel sounds through my Sonos and I would love to Endel in the background while I work.

Any updates on this? Another upvote from me.

Any updates on this? Another upvote from me.


The update is these requests must originate with the music service.  Sonos supplies a free API for any music service to integrate with the Sonos app.  However, the music service must originate the partnership, Sonos cannot add them unilaterally.

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Endel, if you’re paying attention, please:

  • Make a native Sonos integration
  • Add support for Sonos Voice Control

Interestingly, Sonos is listed as an investor/partner. 


We don’t have Alexa and are all Mac users in the house.  Connecting with airplay causes a lot of cutoff audio.  It just doesn’t work well,   not to mention that you need to keep the phone nearby in order to keep playing Endel.  With dedicated Endel service within Sonos app, I can leave the house for a bit and have the ambience going when I return.  Think this shouldn’t be too difficult to add eh?

Hey, I am a new user of Endel which I enjoy for concentrating and sleeping. I find the quality of their slopes very nice depending on my day, my heart rate, the weather.What a disappointment not to be able to listen to Endel with my system (Era 100 in surround, sub-mini, sonos Beam 2). 

I am in France, from my MAC I can only do AirPlay if I mirror my screen on my television, the classic AirPlay to my speakers only works for 5 seconds and is cut off. From my Android phone, impossible. I tried Alexa, I paired it but apparently the skill no longer works and is no longer available on the Amazon Store. When I ask Alexa, it plays music on Amazon Music... I've tried everything.More than a year ago, Endel said on Twitter that it was working with Sonos to resolve this problem but nothing since...Did anyone find a solution?