Existing Sonos players suddenly can't connect (flashing orange lights)

  • 17 May 2014
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For a long time now I've enjoyed a Sonos setup with a bridge, a play3 and a play5.  This has always worked fine, but suddenly my controllers can't find any components other than the bridge, and when trying to re-add any of them (pressing mute+vol up) the indicator light flashes orange. 

When re-adding the controllers (I've tried a PC, iPad and iPhone) detect that I've pressed mute+vol up (they change to the 'connecting...' screen) but always fail to connect and show the 'Your Sonos component was not found' message.

My wireless network is working ok, and I can see that the Sonos equipment is set to a relatively empty wireless channel (1), my own wifi network is set to a different channel (11).

On occasion the Play5 has been able to connect, but drops off within 20 minutes or so. 

Any help or advice you might have would be greatly appreciated!


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7 replies

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Hello Tom,
Thank you for contacting us by ask.sonos.com

Before we can start troubleshooting I would like more information about the Sonos system, could you submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number.
Here is a FAQ showing you how to Submit system diagnostic
Keep me posted.

Best regards,
Hi Max, I've just submitted diagnostic report number 3751893.  I started the bridge from being turned off, then the Play3 (which is not visible in the controllers), then submitted the report.  If useful I can repeat with the Play5 as well. 

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Hi Tom,

Thank you for the feedback.
I have reviewed the diagnostic and see a very high level of wireless interference on the Sonos BRIDGE. Due to this issue, wireless Sonos units will not be able to connect or experience drop outs.

Make sure the Sonos BRIDGE is at minimum 3feet (1meter) away from the router and any other wireless device(s).
Once the BRIDGE is moved follow the steps below.
If you have set the wireless channel on your Router we need to get a diagnostic per channel option in Sonos.

It is important to keep the router and Sonos channels apart, so if Sonos is at 1, the router should be at 6 or 11. 

And if Sonos is at 11 the Router should be at 1 or 6.
For each channel, please wait 5 minutes and then submit a diagnostic of your Sonos system and then reply to this thread with the three different diagnostic numbers.Here is a link showing you how to  Submit system diagnostic
To change to the wireless channel go to: If you are using the Sonos CONTROL, please follow the steps below:

1. Press the Music button to go the Music Menu.
2. Select System Settings -> Advanced Settings.
3. Select Wireless Channel to change channels.

If you are using the Sonos Controller for PC or MAC, please follow the steps below:
1. Select File -> Preferences  (Sonos -> Preferences on the Macintosh).
2. Go to the Advanced tab
3. Select Wireless Channel to change channels.
Keep me posted.

Best regards,
Hi Max, sorry for the slow reply!  Here are the three diagnostics:

Channel 1:  3765737
Channel 6:  3765742
Channel 11: 3765767

My home wifi is set to channel 1, and the sonos system seems slightly better when set to channel 11 but is still not really usable (the zone players regularly vanish).

In case its of any use here's a screenshot from a tool that shows the wifi networks in use around me - interesting while it can't show interference it does show channel 6 as empty whereas in my experience both wifi and sonos are worse on that channel.
Hi Max, I was just wondering if there was any progress or advice based on the diagnostics provided above?
Here is the diagnostics code with the play 5 wired to the router and (2) play1s wireless. 7394022
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Here is the diagnostics code with the play 5 wired to the router and (2) play1s wireless. 7394022

Hi there, I took a look at that diagnostic and unfortunately you have a hardware fault on that PLAY:5. I saw you had a support case open with us already so I've taken that over and sent you an email from there. Just reply to that and we'll get you a replacement sent out.