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Hi, I have a large primary system with a mix of old and new speakers which means I can’t use the new Sonos App and have to use the S1 app which is fine, all works fine. All are connected to the same house WiFi. I have a Sonos Roam in my outside office (also connected to the same house WiFi) and want to be able to use an app to control it. It won’t pair with the new app for some reason and can’t be paired to the old S1. Every time I use it I have to go to settings on the phone and connect it to Bluetooth and use it that way which is a bit of a pain. Any ideas please? I use BTWholeHome which does have Guest network in it for visitors if that is of any use. 

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I run an S2 system and two S1 systems on the same network. I don’t have a problem with each app fighting with the other. They were set up ages ago, before the new app broke so many people.

There is no reason that multiple systems cannot share a network, once you get it set up. (It is tricky to have multiple households on the same S-version unless you use third party apps.)

Pairing new devices is a problem in the new app, so maybe wait a month until they have fixed it.

Pairing with the S1 app is likely a problem because its already running S2 and “switching back” is another one of those features Sonos deleted, to cause grief for their poor Support staff.

Thanks Controlav, I’ll wait a bit and call their normally very good help line.