Crossfade issues on playlist

Is anyone experiencing issues with crossfading on playlists. Random songs will play for around 10 seconds and then skip to next song. This happens in different rooms when using either Macbook or IPhone. Streaming service is spotify.

If so is there a fix or do I need to wait for a bug fix update ?


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Hello @MartinLoofer and welcome to Sonos Community!

We are investigating this issue, but unfortunately do not currently have an ETA to share for the fix.

You can enable crossfading in the Spotify app and stream to Sonos via AirPlay, Bluetooth or Line-In to maintain the crossfade setting.

Note that Spotify Direct Control does not support crossfade, thus is not an option.

Thank you for the post. I will reply here with an update, as soon as I get one.

Exact same (annoying) problem.

I have the same issue. It began immediately after a Sonos update. This is VERY frustrating and the response from Sonos is very disappointing. 

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This takes too long Sonos … come on … make crossfade work again … Problem takes several weeks now … 

Same issue here. These arent exactly cheap speakers. I expect a simple very important feature to work. I have to disable crossfade so that it doesnt start a song and skip it after 5 seconds of playing it. EXTREMELY annoying.

Have you communicated your displeasure to Spotify?

I havent since crossfade works fine with Bose Revolve Plus, Mini II and Anker. 

Right. Crossfade works properly on Sonos with every service other than Spotify, and all streaming services use the exact same API.

Spotify uses different servers to feed the different streams, so comparing the stream in use with Bose, Anker, and Mini II is likely not an overly valuable comparison.

I’m hazarding a guess that it isn’t the Sonos software that needs to be fixed, but the server owned and operated by Spotify. Sonos won’t throw a partner under the bus, but I’m suggesting that you’re more likely to get traction, as a paying customer of Spotify, if you were to complain to them. 

However, you’ve certainly made your displeasure known here. If indeed it is a Sonos issue, I’m certain your post will add motivation to get the issue fixed. 

So it is only the number one streaming service that has an issue with this functionality on the Sonos app? 

If crossfade works properly on Sonos with other services but not with Spotify, it suggests that the issue might be how Sonos' software interacts specifically with Spotify. This could be something specific to the integration between Sonos and Spotify that needs to be addressed. Therefore, it might be more of a joint issue that both Spotify and Sonos need to investigate and rectify together. I’ll contact Spotify as well.

Same problem here. Just off phone to Sonos and although very apologetic and helpful cannot resolve as they are currently investigating. Very annoying and frustrating.