Controller Tabs and Information Disappear When Cursor Moves Over Them

  • 16 December 2021
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This problem seems to have started after my Windows 11 intstallation. When the controller is opened on my pc at first everything is displayed as normal but once my mouse cursor starts moving over different tabs (like Select a Music Source/Sonos Favorites or Select a Music Source/Sonos Radio or the FILE, EDIT, MANAGE, HELP tabs...acually everything displayed on the Sonos Controller!) they disappear. They then reappear when my cursor moves over them but then after a bit completely disappear and I have to restart the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and also ran as Administrator to no avail. Any help on remedying this annoying problem?


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4 replies

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Hello @Squiddles , that doesn’t sound good. Is it possible to share some screenshots of the Sonos App, showing the problem?

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This is a known issue with some terrible software that Asus install (I think for their motherboards). It breaks the .NET jitter, which in turn craps on the WPF renderer and makes the Sonos app render in a freaky way. There is a great thread here somewhere when some genius figured it out.

Uninstall the crappy Asus software.

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Found the thread:

Uninstall Sonic Suite.

Thanks so much controlav for steering me in the right direction. TBH, I had no success trying to google/search for any insight into the problem and where your link sent me was exactly what I was trying to find!

My specific problem seems to be this:

There are a few solutions in the thread for different video cards/motherboards etc that will no doubt help anyone else having similar problems. Cheers, you've made my quality of life all the better!!