Apple Music Lossless - older hardware

  • 7 June 2024
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Hi there! 

Since a couple of weeks, there’s finally Lossless streaming from Apple Music. Hurray! 

The only problem: It’s not working on my older speakers (Playbar, Play:1, Play:3). Is there somewhere an official list of which speakers Apple Music Lossless is supported? 

Also: all Sonos players are capable of playing lossless audio. Why doesn’t it work on these older models? (Amazon and Tidal do play lossless on older hardware) 

I hope it gets added in the near future! 

1 reply

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We have been promised a list of which hardware can do lossless when time permits. Given the deluge of nonsense that Support are dealing with, it might be a while.

Apple lossless uses AAC, whereas all previous lossless support was FLAC. My guess is that older hardware cannot decode lossless AAC due to limitations of the DSP used.

I can tell you that the Beam 2 supports it, which is the newest device I own.