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  • 12 July 2022
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Why is there such LIMITED control abilities with 3rd party systems. In ELAN and I hear others, there are many limitations. It is only a very basic controls that are allowed and I hear that it is SONOS that limits this from Multiple providers. 

  • the biggest. can not browse through services to find stations, only can select from favorites
  • can not use thumb up/down in pandora
  • can not see the duration of songs.
  • can not create events to turn off zones or play certain station if not already picked in favorites. 
  • can not turn a zone to a specific volume. Would be nice to manage that when a zone turns on it is at the desired level
  • can not create events to group zones together or apart 
  • And more…. Please share

we need to voice up and share with sonos that we need better 3rd party support. 

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1 reply

It’s likely more complicated then you think.  Obviously, Sonos would need to provide the API for third parties to use...and 3rd party software would need to use it.  Second, streaming services control how their service appears and what functionality is available in the Sonos app...because they care about how their service is presented.  Extending these features through a Sonos API means they have no control over how their service is presented.

Third, you can group through the API, I do so via lutron, so this is likely a problem on the ELAN side of things.  The same for volume.  Events/automation is entirely up to the 3rd party software.  Fourth, Sonos has been busy with their own voice assistant control, along with new products and every other feature they support.  I have a feeling this is a bit further down on the priority list.