Volume increments of 5 after iOS update

  • 21 September 2022
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Has anyone else run into an issue with the volume increments being in increments of 5? I’m assuming this is because of a recent update to the iOS app (I noticed it when the app version was 14.15 and after having updated to iOS 16) because before I could control my volume just fine. Now, when I go into the Sonos app and tap the volume bar, it rounds to the closest increment of 5. For example, setting to 16 or 17 moves it back down to 15 and setting to 19 moves it up to 20. Trying to set the volume with grouped speakers also is basically impossible as a result since it tries to find a good spot for all the volumes. I noticed some people on Reddit reported this as well. Anyone else on this forum notice this and is there a bug fix planned? 


Also as a side note, how does the Sonos app not have a bug reporting feature? Why do I have to create a forum account to report an issue, it should be possible in the app itself

30 replies

Like others, been struggling with volume sliders for quite a few days now. Seems worse when using different devices to control system and possibly worse still when those devices are on different areas of our Mesh network. Problem essentially jumps sliders to left when the volume bar is opened (by 2 to 3 numbers) and then getting control back really challenging and erratic. When you do sort the volume settings they don’t seem to share properly with other controlling devices so the merry go round starts over again when one of those devices is opened elsewhere in the system. I think the cause is probably that the grouped/master volume slider is “active” as soon as it is touched rather than once it is opened and actioned consciously by a finger! Seems SONOS specific!

I sat on this for a few days to test but the 14.19 update did resolve the main issue for me.


The original issues resolved for me:

  • Volume slider adjusting down by up to 5% as soon as it’s touched (any volume slider).
  • Group volumes disappearing while actively adjusting one of them.
  • Group volume adjusting down by up to 5% after releasing the control.

A couple issues or features appeared:

  • One haptic feedback bump if the master volume slider is touched but not adjusted (intermittent).
  • One haptic feedback bump if the master volume slider is touched and released.
  • The group volume panel will disappear while adjusting the master volume.  Could be a feature but it seems intermittent like an event timer was started and executed by accident.
  • The volume sliders are sensitive enough to adjust by rolling your finger slightly.


Thanks for your post. Good to know i’m not going nuts alone!

I agree your comments on issues resolved, although I am not convinced it is as good as it once was (smoothness, proportionality, volume levels etc)!! 

Concerning haptic, not sure I’m spotting that (but will look more closely tonight)!

I am still finding that the app is taking a while to open up, particularly if I have changed location on our Mesh network or my wife has made adjustments on her ‘phone (iPhone 12pros running latest iOS). It appears to be iOS specific (okay on the Macs) and feels like it's a sync issue across mobile devices, possibly through iCloud?

Really annoyingly volume levels are still not syncing properly across all devices immediately. So I will have to uncheck and recheck a speaker volume slider several times to get a speaker to respond. Particularly the case first thing in the morning. Seems Ok during the day if the system is kept ‘alive’ but as soon as all the speakers sleep it has real trouble waking up again in a coherent/uniform manner, at least as far as the mobile devices are concerned. Never used to be like that!

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It’s gotten to the point that I along with many others don’t trust these sonos updates anymore. Ever since the 14.12 disaster, I’m reluctant to do any updates. Their update info is the same and generic every time… “bug fixes and performance enhancements “. Who at Sonos even decides that something needs to be changed… to much or to little bass, same as the treble. Volume is lowered ridiculously and still not really where it was. 

Can sonos please just add an option that allows us to adjust/choose the sensitivity of volume control. This would solve the problem for everyone.