Turntable volume very low on Sonos Amp

  • 29 January 2023
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I have a turntable connected to the Sonos AMP and the volume is very very low. 

At first the low volume was also accompanied by a hum, which disappeared when I connected the ground wire to one of the RCA inputs of the AMP.

However the volume is still low even when I set the Source Level to Level 10 (high). 

I have connected other sources to the RCA input, such as the TV or a CD player and they work correctly. 

What other solutions can I try? 

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Hi @Roger Casas 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

The use of two “very”s suggests to me that your pre-amp (either built into the turntable, or connected between the turntable and the Amp) is either not enabled, or not present. The “raw” output from a turntable is way lower in voltage than the signal that Amp requires.

Hopefully, you just need to find a switch on your turntable with Phono or Line as options - it should be set to Line. If it is set to Line already, please try switching to Phono and back to Line again.

If there is no switch, you can purchase a RCA pre-amp from the usual online retailers.

I hope this helps.