Sonos Connect volume decreases on its own

  • 2 September 2017
  • 12 replies

After playing music the audio volume will decrease on its own. After i increase it again, it then decreases by itself. I have a sonos connect connected to an amp that is connected to 2 speakers. The amp is wired stereo to mono as im using one channel for one zone and another channel as another zone. Not sure why this is happening.

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12 replies

Any chance you could submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at? That might help them figure out what might be sending a "reduce volume" command to your system (or anything else that might be an issue).
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Is the volume decreasing in the Sonos controller, or on the device you're connected to with the CONNECT?

If it's the first, as Airgetlam asked, can you send in that diagnostic? Most likely, the minus button on the CONNECT is sticky or getting pressed, or the something on the network is sending commands to your CONNECT to turn the volume down. So any devices that have been connected to Sonos as a controller will need to be checked. That includes any mobile devices and or Sonos CONTROLs.
Do i just post the confirmation number to this post?
I suspect that would work, yes. Since it says "author" next to your name, it'll be the note that Ryan or his cohorts need to help figure this out.
7795166 is the confirmation number
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Thanks Mike. On that diagnostic, 4 CONNECTs are showing up. Is this behavior happening on only one of them? If so, can you swap that one for another in the house? Move the locations and even change the names in Room Settings. We'd like to see if the issue follows the player or stays in the room.
I'm having a similar issue with both my two CONNECTs. I've already tried to disconnect all speaker cables and the volume decrease problem persists. I've submitted a diagnostic info on my system just a few minutes ago. My confirmation number is 1211791194. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide me.
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Have a look at the app on your controller/ phone when it does it.

I've had a couple of times where the app has turned down on it's own (or up to full!). Had to shut the app down completely and restart to cure it.
Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I’ve killed and restarted the app many times and the same behavior persists !
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Hi Pripper, the diagnostic is showing what's called an amp fault on both of those CONNECT:AMPs. An amp fault can be caused by bad wiring or something along the connection chain from the amplifier to the speaker. If you've disconnected the speaker leads from the back of your CONNECT:AMP, and then rebooted it by unplugging the power for a few seconds, does it fault when you try to play music to it once powered back up? Make sure you're doing this test with nothing touching the speaker terminals in the back, speakers should not be connected at this time.

If the CONNECT:AMP faults with those orange lights flashing with nothing connected to it, then there's most likely a problem with the amplifier and you'll need to replace it. You can give us a call on our support line and a technician can assist with tests and help you sort out what the next steps will be.
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Hi, yes it is fairly probable you got a problem with the amplifier. I had exactly the same and it was one channel that was damaged.
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I have the same volume decreasing issue. In my case, the zone player is in the house serving rock speakers by the pool. I have satisfactory WiFi from the table at the pool near the house. But if I step towards the other end, the volume decreases substantially without input. I can see that I am out of WiFi coverage. If I step back in coverage it does not restore the volume ( the slide indicator does not reflect the volume change, even when back in coverage). I can then return the volume to the desired level.
The controller (iPhone) is not serving the music. That is from a NAS. It is controller only