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  • 8 March 2021
  • 2 replies

Here we go again 


I have a number of Sono1 speakers. When we got them they allowed music via apple phone & iPads then they stopped that and we had to download google play and yes you probably already know that no longer works.

So at this moment in time a have expensive radios as that’s all I can play. Besides always having my computer on is there another way I can play MY music which I have already bought. 



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2 replies

So, which speakers do you have? You mention in your text a Sonos 1, a name that is not used by Sonos, and in your tags, the Sonos One. There was previously a Sonos PLAY:1, and the current speaker of that form factor is a Sonos One.

The Sonos One can be used as an AirPlay 2 target from an Apple device, the PLAY:1 can not.

Since you haven’t told us where your music is stored, it is hard to make any further suggestions. 


If you don’t want your computer switched on, you could use a cheap NAS (network attached storage) device, or an Android mobile, or perhaps a USB stick, if your local router supports that.

If you have a ‘Sonos One’,rather than a Play:1 then you can also Airplay the audio from your iOS devices.

If you already subscribe to Apple Music you could add your local library of music to the Apple iCloud and use "iTunes Match" to play your music to other devices, including Sonos.

So there are a few options open to you, even if it’s the older Play:1 product.