Options to Upgrade/Replace my Sonos Connect Gen2 & Troubleshooting for Repair

  • 1 September 2021
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Greetings SONOS forum,

My Connect Gen2 is dead only after 3 years of service.  The SONOS support states I can get a replacement for $279.00 since my unit is out of warranty.  My unit factory resets to a blinking white light with occasionally a flicker of amber.  While holding the Play button a distinct Amber light blinks about three times and then white, then cycles.  Prior to it completely not working, the unit starting sending a low background thumping sound and was dropping out.  I would reset it and then it would work for a bit more but then drop out.  Setting aside having my electronic guru fix it (he can), what product will I get as a replacement?  That was not made clear to me.  Another Connect Gen2 or a newer product?  I can upgrade at 15% off but upgrade to what?  Seems odd to me that products only last 3 years.  I can understand software and firmware support compatibility issues emerging fast making things obsolete but hardware like capacitors and power supply components should not last just 3 years!--only needed to last 1-year I guess.

I just need to connect my old stereo equipment so I can listen to my own speakers through my old components as well as SONOS speakers in other areas of the house. I don’t need an Amplifier.

Should I fix, upgrade or replace?  My Great American Sound (GAS) equipment is still working just fine:).

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11 replies

I don’t know if Sonos is still able to provision a refurbished CONNECT gen 2. The “newer model” of the CONNECT is the Sonos Port. 

If it were me, I’d just use the current device to get that discount, and purchase the newer version. Small pain in cost, but longer term a benefit, as the newer device has better electronics, including newer/faster CPU, more memory, and probably a longer supported lifetime. 

By the way, when you “upgrade” using that discount, you can still keep the older device, if you want. And if you’re able to get it repaired, all the better. Or, you can choose to recycle it at your local electronics recycling center. 


Thanks for the analog input.  I agree after further research and review of differences between Connect Gen2 (ConGen2) and Port.  Setting aside some sound differences between the ConGen2 and Port, the Upgrade with 30% off is the better value in the Long Run (Eagles--good sax solo at end). The Port it is for me at $499 with 30% discount for $314.  I will see if I canget me friend to look at the ConGen2--the thumping seemed to me to be capacitors failing.  I confirmed that the ConGen2 gets replaced at $279 and involves a return of the old unit.  The upgrade to Port requires no return.  SONOS provides no repair of same units just a replacement with a rebuilt unit. 

Thanks for the reply and the insight. Michael

It’s long been a source of concern that Sonos doesn’t offer a repair facility, but I suppose there’s a lot of management/expense around that, and with the fact that these are (roughly) commodity devices, it probably wasn’t in their best interest to set up such a division, much less an authorization process of others to do the work. I’m given to understand somewhere in the UK is a fairly reputable repair place, but that’s merely based on two or three posts in this forum over the last several years, not a real useful sample size. Hopefully, your acquaintance can figure it out. 

Whichever way you choose to jump, good luck!

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My Connect gen 2 is doing this same thing. Works intermittently, makes low popping sound when dropping out. Disappears from the system, etc.

I’ve tried resetting it as well. Does not fix it.

How do you get the 30% discount on a upgrade? I am fine doing that. I only see a 15% option when logged in. Do I need to contact support and prove this thing gave up the ghost?

Thank you

The discount depends on the manufacturing date of CONNECT. Units manufactured during or after 2015 are 15%, earlier units are 30%. The first few characters of the device serial number give the manufacturing date.

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I bought it in 2018. The serial starts 1709, so this one lasted 4 years? For the price it’s not worth that short of lifespan. Why not discount them all more, if they go bad so fast?

Mother nature is never fair and a product can break at any time. Even though billions of bricks have lasted many, many decades, a few have cracked while sitting on a shelf after only a few weeks. In terms of SONOS, many of us have ZP100’s from 2005. I don’t think that we yet know what an “average” lifespan will be for CONNECT. It’s unfortunate that yours is on the short side of the curve and I can understand that you feel abused.

In terms of what goes wrong, at each stage of life a given model will exhibit certain failure modes that will mutate over the years. Large service shops get to know each model and if you give them a model number they can tell you what is wrong with 90%+ accuracy -- without seeing the unit. This does not imply that all units will fail early, but those that do fail follow typical patterns.

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They are doing me right. Support has determined it’s cooked.

Thanks for all the replies--its all good Collaborative Situational Awareness (CSA).

The life span of my Connect Generation 2 was not acceptable to me.  If SONOS knows how to fix them, they should share the information.

The is somewhat of a repeat of what is already stated above, bear with me. SONOS representatives are not all versed in the support SONOS is giving for these Connect Generation 2 Units (ConGen2).  Upon my first dialogue with representatives, they verified my ConGen2 was defective and I have two options: 1) replace in kind with ConGen2 which are in stock at 15% discount ($279 w/discount); this replacement option involved sending the defective unit back to receive the a replacement.  Option 2 was an upgrade at 30% ($314 w/discount).  This option did not involve returning the defective ConGen2. I did not complete the transaction when this was explained to me on the telephone for I wanted to understand the difference of the two units first.  In retrospect, I should have just gone with Option 2 at that time.  After, I informed myself of the two units, I tried to purchased the unit in Option 2 called the Port.  The Port is the upgrade for the ConGen2.  There was no way to obtain 30% off the Port unit through my SONOS account.  I had several dialogues via online chat and telephone with representatives which would not honor the 30% as offered in my first telephone conversation.  I ended up writing a few emails and was called by SONOS to make the 30% transaction.  Very time consuming and a bit frustrating since I am very good at keeping detailed records for designing.  Anyway, the Port is on back order and should be here in November 2021--that;s the bad news.


Now the rest of the story:

My unit started producing a low frequency thumping before it stop working altogether.  It still powers on and will partially factory reset by changing from flashing white to flashing white with an Amber color flashing.

My question are:

  1. Are the any schematics available to aid possible repair?
  2. Has anyone else here repaired or had a unit repaired? If so, please state what was wrong and how it was repaired.

I have a friend you can likely repair the ConGen2 unit and maybe I can use it again in my Woodshop to play CD’s. I hate just throwing things away without trying to fix them!

You may be able to find a DIY repair story with a search.