No longer able to update music library on Sonos App or Desktop Controller

  • 15 March 2023
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I only recently and reluctantly updated my Sonos component system to S2 which required purchasing a new Sonos Amp and replacing a Sonos-Connect.  I am now no longer able to update my Sonos music library with the Sonos app or Desktop controller.  Since 2006, my music library has been stored in a share file on a Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive which I last replaced a couple of years ago.  A senior Sonos advisor tried to help me with this problem and we checked the path designation and the NAS drive settings including SMB protocol, none of which were changed from the time I updated from S! to S2.  The senior Sonos advisor was unable to repair the issue and more concerning was that he was not aware of this issue.  The only workaround he explored with me was adding my backup Buffalo Linkstation folder to the music library setting and then deleting my regular NAS drive and then replacing it after which we deleted the backup.  Combined with my new iMac Ventura OS not being able to update desktop controller, I have become very disillusioned with Sonos.  Anyone else having these issues?

6 replies

The issue is not widespread, that’s probably why the rep was not aware of anything.

Refrain from Factory Reset without further consult. 

Describe your network and SONOS system for us. Which computer operating system are you using? Which SONOS controller are you using?

I have 1-Sonos:Connect, 1-Sonos Port; 1-Sonos: Connect;Amp and 1- Sonos Amp.  They are all hard-wired with ethernet cable to my router.  Similarly my Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive (let’s call it Unit A) is also connected to the router via ethernet cable.  I utilize iPhones 13 and above, Galaxy Tablets and a new iMac with Ventura OS, and an older (late 2014) MacBook Air using Big Sur 11.7.4 to control and operate the Sonos music system.   We have had Sonos components since 2006.  As far back as I can remember, whenever I added music to my NAS drives (I have 2 back-up Buffalo Linkstartion NAS drives as backup sources), I would go to “manage” in the Sonos App or Desktop Controller and then select “Update Music Library Now” to have access via Sonos to the new music contained in the NAS share folder.  When I do that now, I receive the following error: /LS220xxxx/share’ is no longer available.  The device where the music files are stored may not be powered on, or the path may have changed’ and it then invites me to check the path.  Well the path seems fine as Sonos will play music stored on that NAS drive with the same path already entered in the Music Library Setup.  Does that sufficiently explain our system?

I’m not a Mac user. I suspect that the Mac is reporting to SONOS that this is a public network and access to the NAS should be blocked. I know this is an issue with the Windows desktop controller. This is sort of silly because SONOS will not use the PC to fetch files, but evidently, the controllers ask the computer about security as they setup the library. For the Windows desktop controller the network must be declared “private”.

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Hi was this ever resolved for you? Seems similar to my issue which is unresolved



No, I have not received an official resolution for this problem.  I am not even sure if there has been a resolution with respect to updating the Desktop Controller for Mac with a Ventura OS either.  The only way around this issue is annoying and more time consuming.  What I have to do is add my back-up NAS drive to the Music Library in Sonos (which means for a limited period of time I have duplicates of everything).  After successfully adding the backup NAS drive to the Music Library, I check that folder for the last songs I added to make sure they are there.  Then, I delete the NAS drive that I could not update directly from the Sonos app as it is supposed to work.  Then, I add back that NAS drive to the Music Library setting and then delete the backup NAS drive from the Music Library.  These steps take several minutes to process, especially adding a NAS to the Music Library Settings.  I do find it very annoying.  I wish Sonos would devote as much energy in getting existing products and apps to work as they do in developing new products.  I my begin to look at alternative music server devices that I recently reviewed.

Same issue. Using QNAP TVS-872XT connected to a Mac Mini 2018 Ventura 13.3.1. Hope they fix this soon, my Sonos is unusable.

EDIT: It was working fine for ages until I applied the latest Sonos update. Looks like this problem is on Sonos’s end, not Apples.