Music keeps stopping but only on the Amps

  • 30 January 2023
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We’ve got several Sonos products, most of which work fine.
In 2 rooms with an Amp with ceiling speakers, the music randomly ‘mutes’/ stops whilst the other Play units carry on. It’s not for long & then they join in again
Also, in other rooms with AMPs, the speakers won’t play over a certain volume for prolonged periods.
Thank you in advance


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4 replies

The momentary mutes suggest a network issue. Are these AMP’s wired or wireless? Describe your network for us? Which router model? Network switches? Wireless extenders or mesh points?

The shut down at high volume suggests that too many speakers are attached to the AMP or some sort of wiring error. AMP’s are well protected and they will shut off the speakers if too many are connected or the AMP overheats. If you are using Volume controls for each set of speakers, make sure that they are wired correctly. It’s easy to mix ‘In’ and ‘Out” when connecting the controls.

Hi @buzz 
Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll do my best to answer your questions although some we may have to come back to!
Both Amps are wired directly into an unmanaged network switch (Netgear from memory)

We have multiple (5) WAPs made by ubiquity. All of the stand alone speakers (play) run from this network without issue

All of our Amps only run a pair of speakers, bar 1 that has a stereo speaker attached. I can’t remember if that’s one that give us the trouble now as it’s in the garden!

Volume control wise, it’s all off the app, not manual volume pots anywhere.

Does any of that help?

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Hi @Gingerginger 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

In regards to the momentary dropouts, please try the following steps:

  1. Log into the UniFi controller.
  2. In the Settings tab, click WiFi
  3. Click WiFi under the Settings page
  4. Click on the network SSID. Note: if there are multiple SSIDs that the players and controllers connect to, the same will need to be done for each SSID.

  5. Scroll down to Advanced Configuration and set it to Manual
  6. Scroll down to Multicast Management and click on Show Options

  7. Disable the following options by unchecking the Enable option:
    1. Multicast and Broadcast Control (blocks all multicast and broadcast for non-listed devices).
    2. Multicast Enhancement (converts multicast to unitcast when possible).
    3. Client Device Isolation (prevents wireless client on the same AP from communicating with each other).
    4. Proxy ARP (converts broadcast to unitcast when possible).

  8. Click on the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the page.
  9. Once completed, allow up to a minute for the AP to provision (apply the settings) and restore online connection, then proceed to rebooting or regrouping the Sonos Players.

As for the volume ramping down, @buzz is correct - there could be a problem with the speakers, the wiring, or the devices themselves. In all cases, the Amps will be doing it intentionally, but the resolution will obviously differ. I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports at certain stages of troubleshooting.

I hope this helps.

Hi @Corry P 


Thanks for your direction. 

I have checked and those options are already disabled. I have turned off “high-performance devices” which might help, I’ll let you if it make a difference